Bulk Cement Silo Trailer

Cement bulker silo trailer here in CIMC VEHICLE is used for the bulk silo cement transportation . When compared with the transportation by bags , this cement trailers is more powerful than the normal ones . When transport by bags, the charging by human or machine will cost more time and money ,...

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Product Details

     CIMC Vehicles bulk cement silo trailer bulktrailers bulk powder trailers

CIMC produces the high quality bulk cement silo trailer is suitable for the powder materials which are easy to be sprayed, damp, polluted, spoiled and loaded,such as:such as cement, flour, limestone powder, talcum powder, etc.

Advantages of bulk transport in powder (taking cement as an example)

1.Improve labor productivity and improve working conditions.

2.Save raw material, power and packaging cost, reduce transportation cost.

3.Cement loss will be reduced: the loss rate is generally less than 0.5%, and the bagged loss rate is 2.5%~5%.

4.Ensure cement quality: bulk cement is not easy to damp in transit, and storage is rarely spoiled in a year.

We have different specifications and different capacity of powder truck, customers can choose according to the demand.

                                    CIMC Vehicles bulk cement silo trailer

3 axle powder tankers to transport bulk cement trailer1.jpg

                                       CIMC Vehicles bulk cement silo trailer

3 axle powder tankers to transport bulk cement trailer2.jpg

                                      CIMC Vehicles bulk cement silo trailer

45 CBM Cement Bulker2.jpg

Technical specification

Overall dimensions

9500*2500 *4000mm

Total volume (m³)


Related load


Tank Body

Tank thickness

4.5 mm High manganese alloy steel

Tank rated pressure




Manhole cover

3 pcs

Discharging System

Diesel Engine

Model 4102 Diesel

Air Compressor

12 m³ one unit double cylinders compressor

Discharging valve

4 inch butterfly valve

Discharging pipe

3 or 4 inch rubber hose , 1pcs, 6m/each

Trailer Chassis

Main Beam

Welded design,



Landing gear

 JOST C200

Kin pin

2 inch high tensile bolt-in king pin


Mechanical suspension with 10 layers leaf spring


12.00R22.5 , 12pcs

Braking system

WABCO emergency valve

Electrical system

Voltage: 24V ; Receptacle: 7 wire harness


Trailer Performance

Vertical discharge distance: ≥ 15,000 mm

Horizontal discharge distance:≥30,000mm

Discharge speed: ≥1.2tons / min

Residual :≤ 0.3 %

Tool box & tire carrier

One tool box , pieces tire carrier

Light & reflector

Rear light, rear reflector, turn indicative light, side reflector,fog lamp,number plate light


Sandblasted,anti-rust chassis surface, one layer anti-corrosive primer, two layers of top coats;

Packaging details


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