Cement Bulker Trailer In Dubai​- CIMC Vehicles

Cement bulker silo trailer here in CIMC VEHICLE is used for the bulk silo cement transportation . When compared with the transportation by bags , this cement trailers is more powerful than the normal ones . When transport by bags, the charging by human or machine will cost more time and money ,...

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70t tank truck cement bulker trailer in dubai bulk fly ash trailer- CIMC Vehicles

 CIMC Vehicle company has been committed to the development of powder tankers . Recently , We released the new generation of cement bulker ---50cbm cement tank trailer . It has a faster rate of discharge and less residual rate .We have 2 axle and 3 axle for your choose !

Technical specification.

Brand name

CIMC silo cement trailer

Axles of the trailer

13 ton bpw brand 

Breaking valve

CIMC breaking system 

Size of the trailer 

12500*2500*3300 mm 

Material of the main beam

Q 345 steel 

Landing gear


King pin

2.0'' or 3. 5'' 

Thichness of the tank body 


Air compressor 

Bohai brand 

Standard Loading capacity


CIMC silo cement trailer.jpg


Compared with another cement tank trailer ,our this kind of cement bulker have three core advantage :

1.The application of UG/PRO-E and other advanced 3D design software makes our effective tank volume larger than before .Tide area fluidized bed with large angle of tank makes unloading faster and with lower residual .

2,About material, we adopts high strength wear-resistant steel 620JJ as tank body material .This material 620JJ is three times as strong as the others. the trailer adopted this material uses for more than 15 years in general , the service life is two times as length as ordinary steel material 's trailer .

3,About the welding ,we adopt the felt-board machine for welding the tank body.It realized one-time forming .The high quality welds ensure no air leak,and with long service life .