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Dump truck trailer often work together with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other construction machinery in civil engineering, which constitute a loading, transportation and unloading production line to carry out loading and unloading transportation of sand, gravel and bulk materials.

Main Product Features :

Welding produre: the fram,panels and top-bottom welding are all compressed tightly with pneumatic-hydraulic clamping,welded by large professional welding equipment,effectively  control the welding deformation ,and ensure its smoothness and technical requirements;the overturn model ensure welding strength ;the electric tilter control the deformation of the spare parts during  processing;mixed gas welding ensure the quality  of the welding .

Painting: the panels are all pickled and phosphorized ,welded spare parts are shot-blasted ,which greatly strengthen the surface quality of the welds and the adhesive force of the paint.Baking varnish craft is used,primer twice,top coat twice,and detection is made strictly according to national sandard for film thickness to ensure the quality and brightness of the paint .

Sub-frame structure:its longitudinal beam is made of high strength steel, effectively increase the loading capacity of the truck,reduce the cracks caused by welding;widened rear tipping seat greatly improveits stability ,safety and reliability while running and lifting .

Structure of the rear door : the rear door is with lateral-vertical beading and full-length welding ,effectively improve its anti-shock performance and increase its service life .

Double -hinged hook socket : this structure is more used in longer truck ,effectively avoids the damage to the rear door when the truck box is lifted and the rear door collide into the ground,open the rear door to the most .

CIMC VEHICLES dumping tipper trailer