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CIMC VEHICLES Flatbed semi trailer was popular by logistics companies as its multipurpose application. It can be used to transport containers , bulk cargo and other goods .we can offer 2 axle ,3 axle, 4 axle ect for you , the loading capacity is from 40ton to 60ton , and we also can according to your requirements to make this trailer . Similarly , we have another type flatbed trailer , like extendable flatbed trailer , flatbed trailer for transporting logs , and flatbed trailer with side wall. in general , 20ft flatbed trailer with 4 unit twist locks and 40ft flatbed trailer with 12 units twist locks.

Main Advantages -----Flatbed trailer

  • Scientific design and quality assurance

    The design is performed in accordance with the actual parameters of the tractor and trailer in the design process,ensuring to reach best level of whole vehicle transport performance.

  • Characteristic overall camber structure of longitudinal beams ensures lifetime downward bending-free of crossbeams 

    As per the mechanical analysis,the unique overall camber structure of the longitudinal beam is adopted to ensure lifetime downward bending-free of crossbeams and effective save fuel consumption under same bearing load and build maximum economic velue for the users

  • Quality steel material and OEM parts ensure quality and condition of products

    The raw materials and parts of the CIMC VEHICLES semi trailer adopt the domestic and foreig renowned brand products,of which the critical structural parts are specially supplied by the CIMC VEHICLES ,the China 's beggest special vehicle parts supplier 

  • Characteristic suspension system eliminates uneven and abnormal wear of tires 

    The characteristic CIMC VEHICLES new suspension is adopted, ensuring balanced load transmission among the shafts and eliminating  any abnormal tire wear .the snap rings for shafts are of integrally cast parts ,of which the lower snap rings are CIMC VEHICLE  patented  products to better guarantee the stability  and safety of the vehicle .

  • Special steel and characteristic railing structure feature deformation-free and lighter dead weight

    All railing of CIMC VEHICLES semi-trailer are welded from high strength square steel tubes ,featuring light weight,high strength ,high deformatin resistance,and deformation -free of railing parts.

CIMC VEHICLES- 20ft 40ft 40ton 60ton flatbed trailer 


CIMC VEHICLES- 40ft front wall flatbed semi trailer 


CIMC VEHICLES fence cargo flatbed trailer


CIMC VEHICLES sidewall flatbed semi trailer


CIMC VEHICLES 20ft 40ft container chassis semi trailer


CIMC VEHICLES container skeleton semi trailer