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CIMC VEHICLES ----The lowbed semi-trailer is also widely used for various mechanical equipment, large objects, road construction equipment, large tank, power plant equipment and all kinds of steel transportation.It is widely used, efficient and fast. The lowbed trailer adopts advanced computer aided design software, which is flexible and varied in optimization design. According to the user requirements, the bearing surface of the frame is designed to meet the transportation of all kinds of special goods.

CIMC lowbed trailer type : 3 axle 60ton lowbed trailer , 3 axle 80ton lowbed trailer , 4 axle 100~120 ton lowbed trailer ,  3 line 6 axle 120 ton lowbed trailer ,4 line 8 axle 150ton lowbed trailer . in genearl , due to the number of axle and the size of tyre is different  ,lowbed semi-trailer load is also different .The greater the number of axles, the greater the load, and the load range is between 20-150 tons.

CIMC VEHICLES 3 axle 60 ton low loader lowbed trailer


CIMC VEHICLES hydraulic 4 axles 80 ton lowbed trailer