trailer box loader

The 40 foot self loading container trailer from CIMC VEHICLES is a special equipment which is used for the container loading /unloading and transporting . The self loading trailer it can be used for a mobile crane or a container transport trailer. And we cimc vehicles adopt many better design on...

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Product Details

               CIMC trailer box loader container lifter container side loader

The CIMC container lifter has won the favor of customers in order to its the design ensures reasonability of structure, excellence of performance, and outstanding reliability.

Sidelifter since a device will finish the loading and unloading of containers, etc, it has the scope of application is very wide, great bearing capacity, can adjust the position to loading and unloading of container at any time, widely used in container logistics, port freight station, warehouse, etc.

                               CIMC trailer box loader container lifter container side loader

contain side loader1.jpg

                        CIMC trailer box loader container lifter container side loader                      

Detachable Lowboy Trailers (7).jpg

                         CIMC trailer box loader container lifter container side loader

Detachable Lowboy Trailers (11).jpg

Technical specification.

Loading capacity

CIMC container lifter


20 ft or 40 foot containers  


13 ton fuwa or bpw






Cimc 40 foot side loader trailer

Landing Gear

Jost C200  

Main chassis

High strength steel

Main beam height


The drawing of 40 foot side loader trailer

side loader trailer (1)_副本_副本.jpg

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