how to back the semi trailer

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Semi trailers are carriages with wheel support at one end (usually two shafts and eight wheels), and the other end has only a traction seat support, without wheels, and can only be placed on the ground when the tractor is not towed. The tractor is a semi trailer train connected with a semi trailer at the rear of the tractor. There is no carriage or hook for the tractor. It is supported on the tractor by the traction seat of the semi trailer. The most common semi trailers are trailers, large container trucks.


Reversing essentials of Semi Trailer

Semi-trailer reversing can be divided into two kinds

The method of semi trailer right parallel parking: first the direction toward the left and killed, then slowly reversing, when the trailer front left 1/3 appear on the left side of the rearview mirror, parking, the direction toward the right shot, slowly reversing, etc. and the front line trailer, the direction is back, slightly down a little bit, and then to the right direction, and then to the left back, pour it a few times you can adjust. The driver should have the feeling to control the direction of the tail of the car, to practice more, and so have the feeling, know how to control the direction of the tail, you will be able to reverse the car.

The method of semi trailer linear backing: first the whole car straight, reversing at the left and right rearview mirror, semi-trailer reversing, steering wheel and rear direction to the contrary, if the mirror on the left tail Trailer appeared after that car to the left, should hit the left direction, this car will hang at the right turn if the car appears in the mirror, right after that, to the right, the direction to the right, the rear of the car to the left, the steering is not too large, reversing the slow speed, so you can have time and distance to adjust.

Motor vehicle illegal U-turn causing traffic accidents, is to assume responsibility, so the relevant knowledge of vehicle U-turn should understand vehicle U-turn skills, vehicle U-turn regulations.

Vehicle U-turn skills

1. Turn around a narrow road

When the car is running on a narrow road, it should be reversed by the combination of forward and backward method. The operation essentials are: when the vehicle is approaching the turning point, a left turn signal, reduce speed in advance within a reasonable distance, change into low gear driving on the right side of the road, at the same time, open the left turn signal, observe the road conditions, such as turn will not affect the car to the vehicles on the road, you you can quickly turn to the left foot of the steering wheel, the vehicle slowly toward the left side of the road, to be close to the front street (about 1 meters away from the road), two to three quickly swing right direction and parking.

2. Turn around a wider road

When a car is driving on a wider road, it should try to make a U-turn with a big detour. The main points of the operation are: there is no car before and after seeing clearly, turn on the left turn light, press the horn and turn the steering wheel once.

After the fall should be observed on both sides of the road and a car, and then started honking, and quickly turn to the right foot to the steering wheel, the car back to the rear wheels will be close to the right side of the road side of the road, will encounter obstacles or car tail, or watch the car in front has been able to complete the turn action in the next. When should be left back two to three steering wheel, and immediately stop, and then start the left steering wheel forward, at the same time.

If both can retreat into a complete U-turn movement is best, if they can not complete the action into a retreat, you must also come again, three two back to complete the U-turn, route. The key point is to master the distance between the wheel and the road and turn back two or three directions before stopping.

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