How to maintain the brake system of trailer in Winter

- Oct 30, 2017 -

1,Check the connection of each gas path (including the connection of main vehicle and trailer)

With the arrival of winter, the temperature dropped lower and lower, and the seal or cushion is relatively hard, after a summer of wind and rain, sealing rubber ring is getting worse, especially above the axle pipe joints, the winter low temperature will cause the sealing pipe joint contraction, leakage and poor sealing performance, so we in the morning before cheer is sure to check the gas way of each joint seal. (the best one by one hand will shake, touch) such as leakage timely tighten or reinstall.

2,Check the main vehicle drying tank

Check the main dryer tank to ensure that the main air source is dry and free of moisture. As the drying tank is air filter, with the use of time, lost the residual water vapor in the compressed air filtration. The compressed air does not achieve the purpose of drying, resulting in water and ice in the pipeline and the valve body, thus affecting the normal use of the brakes.

3, Regular discharge of water from main vehicle and Trailer

In winter, the temperature is below zero, then just out of the compressed gas is prone to water or wet gas, the main vehicle and the trailer cylinder regular water, regular water in winter is shorter than the time interval between the summer, often put water, make sure the brakes use dry gas. If the water is not timely, the gas pressure inside the storage tank will enter the valve body, and when the temperature is below zero, it will cause the ice inside the valve body. Leading to the piston stuck in the valve, the final brake failure.

4, ABS system maintenance

ABS connections have multiple sensor joints, which act as sensing signals for the brake system, allowing the ABS to give certain instructions at the specific speed of the vehicle, giving the best braking power and frequency. So the sensor joints are loose, to ensure the fixed need to check and maintenance.

At the same time, brake drum ABS ring gear to regularly remove clean, to ensure a good tooth ring and the probe sensing signal, joint putty.

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