Safe operation of tanker

- May 21, 2017 -

1. Tank trucks should be equipped with special fire extinguishers, and should be installed subway chains and poles. When driving, drag the subway chain should touch the ground; refueling or oil, you must insert the rod into the wetlands.

2. Oil tank filling hole should be tightly sealed, oil drain valve, oil discharge pipe should be no leakage, oil tank ventilation holes should be smooth, oil pump into the filter should be cleaned, oil hose should be installed immediately after the two ends of the connector cover, Do not have dirt to enter.

3. The gasifier and exhaust pipe of the internal combustion engine shall not be tempered. The exhaust pipe should be installed in front of the vehicle.

4. The tanker staff shall not wear shoes with nails. Smoking is strictly prohibited near the tank and no fire is permitted.

5. When parked, should stay away from the fire, the hot season should choose the cool place to park. Thunderstorms, not allowed to park under the tree or high pressure line. When traveling halfway, there should be someone to take care.

6. In the maintenance process, the operator if you need to enter the tank, is strictly prohibited to carry the fire, and must have a reliable security measures, the tank must have someone to guard.

7. All electrical installations on the car must be insulated properly, and sparks are strictly prohibited. Car work lighting should be 36V below the safety lights.

8. When the tank settling tank is frozen, it is strictly forbidden to roast it with hot water, steam, or the car into the greenhouse.

9. Under the car under the maintenance, maintenance, the engine should be stalled, tighten the hand brake and the wheel firmly.

10. Vehicles need to be repaired after the test, should be qualified personnel to drive, the car shall not be manned, loaded, when the need to test the road, the traffic management department should be issued by the test license.

11. When parked on a ramp, the downhill parking should be attached to the reverse gear, the uphill parking should be linked to a file, and should use a triangular wedge and other tight tires.

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