Tanker installation method:

- May 21, 2017 -

Installed in the chassis metal parts can be! With a period of time, the bottom part of the wear, the rubber belt can be put down some of the above!

Conditional users can install tanker electrostatic ground alarm

Under the high-voltage wire, it is strictly forbidden to add fuel to the tanker.

Not allowed to use the fire method. Sometimes the car spark plug will be coke, when a cylinder of carbon deposition is serious, the cylinder can not work properly, in order to make the cylinder to normal operation, the use of outside the "fire" method (the spark plug and high voltage line between 3 Mm-4 mm gap) to improve the energy of the spark plug electrode flashover, so that the cylinder back to work, but the general "hanging fire" method is not easy to fall off a little attention. If the cylinder is dripping gasoline, it is very prone to fire. So it is only a temporary remedy. Proper handling should be timely cleaning and maintenance of spark plugs, try to avoid the use of "hanging fire" method.

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