Tanker maintenance

- May 21, 2017 -

Some people think that tanker maintenance is for oil, which is very one-sided, but also wrong. Tanker maintenance is a broad concept, including the engine system of oil and filter replacement, cleaning (oil, gear oil, brake oil, self-oil, help oil, glass water, battery water, machine filter, steam Such as belts, batteries, brake pads, ball head, clutch plate, shock absorbers, etc., tanker beauty (car wash, the external paint care, the use of oil, Interior care, etc.).

The normal tanker maintenance can maintain the performance of the vehicle to extend its service life. The launch of the transport truck is easy to repair the parts, that is, how to check, replace the maintenance, while in the conservation of vulnerable parts found in what phenomenon and these phenomena illustrate the car out of any problem.

◆ tanker in the process of driving the driver should pay attention to the problem:

① tanker in the driving to check the work of the instrument;

② tanker in the drive to check whether the normal operation of the system;

③ tanker in the driving investigation, foot brake is not normal;

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