Tanker user operation

- May 21, 2017 -

1, in order to ensure that the tanker clean, oil tank and oil system should be regularly cleaned, both ends of the oil hose inside and outside the joints should always smear lubricants, tankers easy and easy disassembly. Tubing after each work is completed, the timely cleaning to ensure that the tube clean!

2, tanker oil pump use and maintenance, in strict accordance with the use of maintenance instructions to implement!

3, before the refueling operation, must use the rod to insert the wet land, the tanker to take the tape should be grounded, the operation process should always keep the static good!

4, tanker safety valve, filter network should always check and clean!

5, tank and piping system should be cleaned regularly. Tanker regularly check whether the piping system is well connected and sealed and reliable!

6: tanker should be installed in accordance with the norms of static belt, when the static electricity encountered in the car at a high concentration of combustible gas, the explosion occurred, the static belt for the car body friction and other frequent, easy to produce static space can effectively go out Static hazards, to ensure that the body from harm.

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