The engine can not start and start because of the difficulty

- May 21, 2017 -

Lead to electronic control diesel engine starting fault factors are more generally can not start (no initial combustion) and starting because of difficulties. The inspection and removal methods are as follows:

Check whether the fault code, if any, according to the contents of the fault code to check.

Check whether the engine can be turned on when starting.

① When starting, the starter does not turn, should start the system failure to check the reasons. First check the battery power and pole connection and contact conditions; if normal, check the starting line, fuse and ignition switch. If the start-up function is turned on and the engine can not be rotated, the engine is engaged with the engine.

② when the start, the engine speed is normal, and that is the engine does not start, should be fuel injection system and intake system were checked.

For the use of electronically controlled fuel injection engine, its start without step on the accelerator pedal. If the accelerator pedal is fully depressed or repeatedly pressed on the accelerator pedal in order to increase the oil supply, the engine speed will increase instantaneously, resulting in an increase in the fuel consumption of the engine.

Off the accelerator pedal harness, so the engine can enter the idle operation, then the failure for the accelerator pedal failure.

Visual inspection: check the intake line with or without leakage.

Oil inspection: check the tubing connection status, into the air and fuel quality.

Harness inspection: wire harness connection status is loose or plug the phenomenon is not strong.

Check the sensor: check the sensor is invalid, loose or broken lines and crankshaft and camshaft synchronization signal.

Check the injector for control signals. If there is no control signal, check the fuses, lines and ECU. If there is a control signal, check whether the spray condition of the injector is normal.

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