The tanker is ready for use before use

- May 21, 2017 -

1, the conductive rod into the ground, so that "ground", if the grounding at the dry, water can make it moist, to ensure good grounding. Check the ground chain so that it is in contact with the ground.

2, open the truck control box door, check the valve handle, so that it is in a closed state (vertical position).

3, the initial use of the pump, the pump without oil, should be pre-fuel, can be added through the oil into the oil 10 liters.

4, check the gearbox lubricating oil surface, to the oil side of the lower edge of the cable plug, when the lack of gear oil.

5. Check the gearbox lever so that it is in the neutral position and check the position of the handlebar handle so that it is the horizontal right position and check the throttle controller for minimum.

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