The use of flatbed trailers

- May 21, 2017 -

Flat car used for manned objects, driving, will be tied to the two car between the "car trip" linked to the shoulders, hands holding, the body slightly forward, you can pull the car on the road. Encountered uphill or slippery road, with the car can be in the handlebar on the right and then lead a rope on the shoulder to pull the car or in the back boost. Under normal circumstances, the car standing two to three active panels to prevent dirt or crops such as fine sundries leak. Northern Shaanxi area for the pull of the "water car" than the flat car humble, handlebar longer, the wheel is higher than the wheel, easy to turn and maintain the balance of power when moving. In the civil market or temple, the flat car is also often filled with goods on both sides of the road, as a convenient sales "car".

Flat cars generally use inflatable solid tires, board height is low, loading large. No risk of puncture and puncture. Safe, simple and durable. He is no power, need to pull the car or forklift to carry the towing. Usually by one or more flatbed and a forklift or tractor to form a row of vehicles for cargo plane transport or large equipment handling. Widely used in airports, ports, railway stations, factories and large warehouses. Greatly improving the efficiency of the transfer of goods. Reduce the cost of forklifts and manpower.


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