Will air suspension be standard for trailer?

- Oct 27, 2017 -


Air suspension system (AIRMATIC) is an advanced product which is popular in today's developed countries. In developed countries, more than 100% of medium and large buses use air suspension system, and more than 40% of trucks, trailers and tractors use air suspension system. Its biggest advantage is: not only can improve the passenger's riding comfort, but also can play an important role in the protection of the road.


Most of the goods carried by dangerous goods transport vehicles are flammable and explosive liquid or gas. The more stable the vehicle is in the process of goods transportation, the higher the safety of the goods. Compared with the traditional steel suspension, the air suspension has better shock absorber effect, and the truck body with the air suspension is more stable. Now many cold chain, hazardous chemicals, glass transport models are already using air suspension.

The air suspension used in the transport of dangerous goods is indeed attaches great importance to the safe transport of dangerous goods, the most dangerous is the hazardous chemicals in the transport process of friction, bump, with air suspension can make dangerous goods bumps, a low coefficient of friction, more secure.

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