5 Axles Low Bed Truck Trailer

The low bed trailer has a very wide use range of transportation. Not only buck cargo, but also heavy machinery and equipment. It act as a big role in the heavy transportation industry. The rear axle can has 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6,7,8,9,10,12 axles trailer, the axle line can has two axles combined. The...

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Product Details

                                   5 Axles low bed truck trailer- CIMC Vehicles

In order to improve the safety of transportation, CIMC uses a gooseneck structure on the semi-trailer frame with low slab transport. The stringer is a ladder-shaped type, effectively reducing the height of the bearing surface. It is an ideal transporter for transportation of construction machinery and light bulk cargoes tool.

Low bed trailer for large-scale engineering equipment’s including Heavy-duty bus,Railway vehicles,Mining machinery,Forestry machinery,Agricultural machinery.

Product characteristics:

1.The low bed truck trailer frame is a step type, the longitudinal beam interface is the type of work, with high rigidity and high strength.

2.The main surface of the platform is low, which guarantees the stability of transportation and is suitable for transportation of all kinds of engineering machinery, large equipment and steel.

3.Carbon dioxide gas protection welding, making vehicles more beautiful, rugged and durable.

                                               5 Axles low bed truck trailer

low-bed semi-trailer (5).jpg

                                                    5 Axles low bed truck trailer

low-bed semi-trailer (3).jpg

                                                    5 Axles low bed truck trailer

low-bed semi-trailer (1).jpg

                                                    5 Axles low bed truck trailer

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Brand nameCIMC 5 Axles low bed truck trailer
Axles of the trailer FUWA brand 16 T axles 

Breaking valve 

CIMC breaking valve 
Tire 12R22.5 12 sets 
Material of the main beam Q 345 high strength steel

Landing gear 

King pin # 90 or #50

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