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3 Axle 60T Low Loader Truck Trailer for Sale in Jamaica

November 4, 2021

As a professional manufacturer, CIMC has provided many low bed trailers for many countries. We have much more advantages on the lowbed trailer’s cost and quality control. Material and suspension (single point and air suspension) are optional.CIMC Lowbed trailers have different capacities, such as 20 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 70 tons, 80 tons and 100 tons, 120 tons. Each type uses a different number of axles from 2, 3, 4 axles to 7, 8 axles.

CIMC Low bed trailers can have a variety of models, such as drop deck/step deck trailers, 2 axles,3 axles,4 axles lowbed semi trailer, hydraulic ladder lowbed semi trailer, mechanical ladder and so on. This semi-trailer normally is used to transport large construction machinery, such as excavators, rollers and cranes.

Of course, lowboys are also used to transport heavy cargo. Due to the low center of gravity of the trailer, it can transport huge cargo and avoid damage to the cargo.

This trailer is designed to solve the overload problem of a large tonnage. Usually, ordinary semi-trailers use a structure of two axles and one line, but dolly trailers can have multi-lines, such as 4 axles and 16 tires, and are usually used to transport heavy cargo. Each axle of a dolly trailer loads 50 percent of the weight. Many countries are only allowed to have each axle of a vehicle loading 10 tons.

CIMC 3 Axle 60T Low Loader Truck Trailer for Sale in JamaicaCIMC 3 Axle 60T Low Loader Truck Trailer for Sale in Jamaica

What is low loader trailer?

Low loader semi trailer is a kind of semi-trailer that has a super low cargo platform, the platform is also called drop-deck. And the low bed part has no sidewalls. Rear-axle numbers could be 2-4 axles. Mainly specialized for transportation of crawler crane, excavator, crawler loader, bulldozer, railroad equipment, and other crawlers/tires equipment. Benefit from the low bed design, the trailer has high trafficability to go through bridge arc and tunnel, and lowers COG(center of gravity) of cargo.

Rear ramp loading: Equipped with a fixed neck at the front and a climbing ramp at the rear of the low loader trailer, no need procedure to detach neck, just put down the mechanical/hydraulic ramp then you can load and unload equipment directly. By this means construction machines need the strong ability to climb the high ramp.

Loaded by a ramp at the rear side of the trailer, because of trailer wheels, the height of the rear side is higher, so the loading ramp should be very long then the machine is able to climb on it. Also, the height of the rear loading ramp will increase risks during the loading and unloading process.

Side-loading: This method requires a wide-open yard for the loading, which is hard to achieve in most scenarios. If goods are on a platform, and the height of the platform is near the height of the trailer’s deck, this would be a good solution for loading.

Front-loading: With a detachable(removable) gooseneck, when removing the neck from a low loader semi trailer, the slope design of the front deck enables construction machines to climb up/down freely.

CIMC 3 Axle 60T Low Loader Trailer for Sale in JamaicaCIMC 3 Axle 60T Low Loader Trailer for Sale in Jamaica

Maintenance of low loader truck trailer

Tires inspection

Check the pressure of tires every month, refill air if the pressure lower than standard pressure. The pressure cannot be very high which may impact driving safety. If the tire has a crack, it should be replaced accordingly

Battery maintenance

Check if the battery is fixed up, battery liquid has to be in the middle position; Fill with electrolyte or distilled water if the liquid is short; Remain contacts of positive and negative electrode are fine; Keep the battery dry and clean; Take electrodes off if put the lowbed in storage for a long time;

Recharge the battery if it’s low; Long-term storage; Avoid sunshine, damp; The storage room has ventilating air, fire equipment; Regular maintenance according to the manual; Anti-rust process before long time storage

Features of low loader truck trailer

The mechanical or hydraulic climbing ramp is an option for easy loading and unloading. Lower height (hydraulic and air suspension be able to adjust height). Detachable gooseneck is an option

Small turning radius, up to 55° steering angle. Both automatically and manually all wheels steering. Drop deck minimize the low loader trailer's platform height, increase trafficability and stability for over height cargo

Side bracket is an option(for increasing overall width), removable and swinging.

CIMC 3 Axle 60T Low Loader Trailer for Sale in JamaicaCIMC 3 Axle 60T Low Loader Trailer for Sale in Jamaica