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40000 Liters Palm Oil Tanker Trailer will be sent to Zambia

June 8, 2022


There are two units 40000 liters palm oil tanker trailers we made for Zambia customer. Customer saw the CIMC semi trailer we sold to local customers at their place because our contact information was left in our semi trailer. The customer first contacted us via WhatsApp and told us that he wanted to buy two units palm oil tanker trailers. We recommend the corresponding configuration to the customer. The Zambia customer is very satisfied with what we recommended to him.

We choose mechanical suspension for this Zambia customer, and the axle we choose is Fuwa axle. This brand of the axle is very popular locally, of course, we can also change the brand of axles, landing gears and other brands according to your needs.


CIMC 40000 Liters Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale in Zambia

CIMC 40000 Liters Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale in Zambia


CIMC oil tanker trailer for sale used to transport petrol, diesel, gasoline, crude oil etc bulk petroleum products, as well as water, and milk liquid. CIMC can produce Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel tanker trailers for sale. To build the most durable and strong tankers, especially for Africa Market need to consider the road conditions.

Tanker capacity we supply with 30000 litres, 32000 litres, 35000 litres oil tanker trailer for sale, 38000 litres, 40000 litres palm oil tanker, 42000 litres, 45000 litres oil tanker trailer for sale, 30000-90000 liters tanker trailer can be customized. Compartments of oil tanker trailers also have multiple options, have one compartment, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 compartments for your different transit needs.

China CIMC palm oil tanker trailer for sale with good pressure-bearing, anti-distortion, anti-vibration and explosion-proof performance make your tanker trailers much safer and more beneficial.


CIMC 40000 Liters Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale in Zambia

Details of CIMC 40000 Liters Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale


Palm oil tanker trailer for sale less oil residual, less business running cost. According to the characteristics of the oil, the precise angle design and Welding ensure that the oil in each bin can have the least residual quantity when unloading, so as to ensure the minimum residual quantity in the bin after every time the oil is transported and unloaded. The professional design ensures fast oil unloading speed and improves work efficiency while also ensuring

Discharge port: it can be set on the left or right side according to customer needs. The discharge port can also be changed to the discharge port of the European system according to customer requirements. Some customers request different compartments for their transit business. CIMC can produce one single compartment, 2 compartments, 3 compartments, 4 compartments, 5 compartments, 6 compartments, 7 compartments, 8 compartments, etc.

CIMC 40000 Liters Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale in Zambia

Never oil leakage of palm oil tanker. No oil will be spilled between each bin. This is because tank trucks use double-sided welding instead of single-sided welding for each compartment plate.

The tank body uses the most advanced welding technology, through single-sided welding and double-sided forming welding, which will make the welding seam stronger and smoother. The palm oil tanker trailer tank body welded by this method will never open the welding phenomenon, and the tank body can usually be used for more than 10 years.