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40000 Liters Palm Oil Tanker Trailer will be shipped to Nigeria

February 18, 2022


Nigerian customers are very fond of CIMC palm oil tanker trailers. The customer saw our 40000 liters palm oil tanker trailer locally, and found it very sturdy and could customize palm oil tanker trailers with different volumes and positions.

So I found our sales manager Barry, Barry and the customer determined the basic configuration, and customized 45200 liters palm oil tanker trailer for the customer according to the customer's requirements.

40000 Liters Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In Nigeria40000 Liters Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In Nigeria

Palm Oil tanker trailer parts

Species: Rich in variety and complete in announcements to meet users’ needs for different tonnages, different power options, and different types of functions

Chassis: Adopting all types of cost-effective mature chassis produced by China National Heavy Duty Truck and other well-known domestic manufacturers, the reliability, comfort and economy are the best

Features: Applicable to various oil transportation and distribution units for oil transportation, distribution and mobile fueling operations

Tank: All the raw materials are made of high-quality international steel produced by large domestic steel companies. The specialized 40000 liters tri axle palm oil tanker trailer production process, combined with years of production experience

Vehicle configuration: Gear oil pump, non-return flow meter, one metering pressure oil discharge port, one non-metering pressure oil discharge port, ground wire, fire cap, fire extinguisher, two 3 meter oil pipelines, optional tax-controlled fuel dispensers according to user requirements, Explosion-proof cover, subsea valve, oil and gas recovery, anti-overflow and bottom refueling pipelines and other mature options

40000 Liters Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In Nigeria40000 Liters Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In Nigeria

Palm oil tanker for sale design

1. Double and multiple tanks, a double pump device, oil completely independent

2. Security barrier, configure the vehicle-mounted tax refueling machine, automatically roll the mobile refueling palm oil tanker trailer.

3. Dipstick, level gauge, deep hole gauge valve, oil sump

4. With motor pump and straight suction recovery

The best way to make sure your palm oil tanker trailer ride is safe is to practice before you set off and get surrounded by angry drivers and tow trucks. Find a place away from traffic, such as an empty parking lot, load everything into a trailer, then simply drive around and do all the action.

Practice using the rearview mirror to reverse and carefully observe the turning radius when making a turn. Practice acceleration and brake safely and feel the braking distance. Remember, the bigger the load you drag, the longer the brake distance.

40000 Liters Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In Nigeria40000 Liters Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In Nigeria

Here are some tips for driving a palm oil tanker trailer safely.

No matter how powerful your engine is, pulling too much weight can cause countless problems. The first thing to do is to look at the owner’s manual of the vehicle, which should have a specific figure on the maximum traction weight.

Allow the payload ─ this is the maximum weight of vehicles can carry, including goods and full of passengers.

Also, you should know the meanings of the following groups of nouns: Servicing weight ─ simply says, is that the actual weight of the whole vehicle, including all of the fluid (filled with gasoline/diesel oil, engine oil, coolant, gearbox and other) and all the other additional equipment. Cargo weight ─ weight including passengers, cargo and any optional equipment (skylight) weight.

Knowing how much weight your palm oil tanker trailer can pull will keep your journey safe and prepare you well before you leave. It is not enough to know the weight of the goods you can carry, you must also know how to arrange the goods so that the weight can be distributed properly.