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48Ft Tri Axle Flatbed Trailer will be sent to Nigeria

November 18, 2021


A customer from Nigeria customized a 48 foot common flatbed trailer. A few months ago, this customer left a message on the website, expressing that he wanted to buy a cimc tri axle flatbed trailer. Our sales contacted this customer and sent product details, quotations, etc. The client said that the price was beyond his budget and wanted to think about it for a while. So the customer asked about the prices of several other same products during the period. Last month, the customer contacted our sales again, expressing that they would like to know more about the details of product delivery and packaging. The vehicle is ready for shipment this month.

The container flatbed trailer is a kind of trailer whose design is suitably made to carry bulk cargo and containers between shipping facilities and terminals. Basically, it is transport equipment mainly of a steel construction defining its frame. It also comprises a lighting system, brakes and tires.

By simple definition, this is a long flat platform of either 20ft, 40ft, 48ft or 53ft length used for carrying shipping containers. The tri axle flatbed trailer has no roof or walls to the side. It is a bare platform on which different container sizes are secured using container locks ready for transportation. They are primarily used for the transportation of bulk cargo.

48Ft Tri Axle Flatbed Trailer for Sale In Nigeria48Ft Tri Axle Flatbed Trailer for Sale In Nigeria

Things to consider when choosing a container flatbed trailer

The different types of container flatbed trailers are designed for use in different applications. Therefore, it is important to assess your needs before making a choice of the type of flatbed trailer you need. Here are key factors to consider:

Size: The container flatbed trailer is designed to carry different cargoes and containers: a flatbed for a 20ft container and another for a 40ft. If you need a flatbed for carrying an oversize load, then an extendable flatbed trailer will be the best choice to go for. The choice based on size is usually made by putting these requirements into consideration.

Load Capacity: The load capacity can also determine the type of cimc flatbed trailer that you will choose based on your needs. It can range from 10 tons – 80 tons. Again, this should be based on different requirements as defined by the local laws and regulations on such matters. The various container flatbed trailers take a considerable size and weight of cargo. However, all are not designed to carry the same amount of weight. On applications where weight considerations are to be made, the 2 axles or 3 axles container chassis trailer can really help. Heavy cargo can comfortably and securely be carried on these strong chassis made of high-yield materials.

48Ft Tri Axle Flatbed Trailer for Sale In Nigeria48Ft Tri Axle Flatbed Trailer for Sale In Nigeria

Axles: The different axle capacity is based on transportation needs and requirements. However, every choice based on the axle configuration should also be in line with the local transportation laws and regulations. The different types of container flatbed trailers based on axle configuration include those carrying 12.5 tons per axle, 13 tons per axle and those taking 9 tons per axle. Make sure you choose the type permissible in your country based on the stipulated laws and regulations.

The number of axles for each trailer is also a vital consideration to make based on the weight of your cargo. The trailer structure is designed to support various wheel axle assemblies at various positions along its length. Your choice should be informed by your cargo needs and the laws regulating the use of tri axle 48ft flatbed trailers within your jurisdiction.

Tires: Different tire configurations are used based on the amount of load to be carried. However, this is also regulated through government agencies in respective countries. There are those that permit a single tire and those who don’t. For single tires, you must make sure that you have a reasonable distribution of tires along with the trailer.

48Ft Tri Axle Flatbed Trailer for Sale In Nigeria48Ft Tri Axle Flatbed Trailer for Sale In Nigeria