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5 Units 35cbm Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer for Nigeria

December 28, 2020

Proceeding from customer needs, CIMC actively leverages the rich experience accumulated in the research and development and manufacturing of special vehicles and introduces new technologies, new processes and new materials to continuously improve product quality and performance, leading the industry.

5 Units 35cbm Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer for Nigeria

CIMC powder tanker trailer

Recently, Nigeria delivered batches of high-strength carbon steel bulk cement tanker trailer, demonstrating the good market situation of CIMC bulk cement tanker trailer. The carbon steel powder tanker trailer has successfully won the favor of customers with its high-cost performance and safety advantages. This batch of bulk cement tanker trailer is the second batch of vehicles delivered to this customer this year. This customer is an old customer who has cooperated with CIMC for many years, he orders a large number of powder tanker trailers from CIMC every year.

Attracting users depends on reputation in the industry; mass delivery depends on product strength; cooperation for many years depends on service and sincerity. The performance of the whole vehicle has reached the leading level in the same industry.


Feature of CIMC bulk cement tanker trailer

1. Light weight, high benefit

After a number of software analysis and repeated tests, the tank body, frame and other structures are made of high-strength steel, and the overall structure of the body is more reasonable.

2. Safer and more durable

The tank body is automatically welded by robots, and the air tightness test is performed at 1.5 times the working pressure, which is safer.

3. More loading, fast unloading

At a vertical height of 15m, a horizontal distance of 5m, and a rated working pressure of 0.2MPa, the average discharge speed is greater than 1.3t/min or 1.1m³/min. After testing, in the case of loading and unloading PO42.5 cement, the average discharge speed is about 1.5 tons/min.

5 Units 35cbm Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer for Nigeria

4. Transport materials, wide range

Bulk cement tanker trailer can transport cement, fly ash and other special materials. Special tank structure is designed to ensure normal discharge. More beautiful and more square The whole bulk cement tanker trailer has a compact design, beautiful appearance, smooth lines, simple and generous.

5. Less surplus, high benefit

The vulcanization angle of the tank and the radius of curvature of the tank are optimized, and the remaining material in the tank is effectively reduced.

5 Units 35cbm Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer for Nigeria

As a leader in tank vehicles, CIMC's carbon steel powder tanker trailer achieves the unity of safety and lightweight. While focusing on product technology upgrades and safety upgrades, it is also actively exploring smart manufacturing upgrades to ensure production process stability and reliable performance with more advanced manufacturing technologies. With more high-quality products and first-class services, we will help the scientific and efficient development of the powder material transportation industry.