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60 Ton Cement Bulker Tanker Trailer will be sent to Rwanda

October 27, 2021

CIMC 35 Ton Cement Bulker Tanker Trailer for Sale

This customer from Rwanda customized a 60 ton cement bulker tanker trailer. The customer said that he didn’t know much about the CIMC brand before, and accidentally discovered that many local transportation companies mostly use CIMC brand semi-trailers. Searched for CIMC brand semi-trailer products.

After browsing our website many times, I downloaded the quotation on the website. Our sales contacted the customer at the first time according to the contact information left by the customer, and sent a more detailed quotation according to the customer's request.

The customer considered the price of the trailer for a long time and finally chose CIMC 3 axle cement bulk trailer. The trailer was just finished, and our sales staff immediately sent pictures and videos to the customer. The customer was very satisfied and expressed their hope to receive the trailer on time.

CIMC 35 Ton Cement Bulker Tanker Trailer for SaleCIMC 60 Ton Cement Bulker Tanker Trailer for Sale

Features of the 3 axle cement bulk trailer

1. Tank body: The tank body is made of high-strength alloy steel, the overall structure design is reasonable, and the weight is light; there is no sliding plate structure in the tank, which effectively improves the service life of the tank body and is easy to maintain.

2. Power system of the 3 axle cement bulk trailer: The power system can adopt the power take-off type of the main vehicle, which has the advantages of a lightweight, low cost and easy operation.

3. Use of lightweight materials: accessories and accessories use aluminum alloy material and structure, such as side protection, rear protection, tank top walkway, air intake pipe, mudguard, outrigger, air reservoir, steel ring, inlet cover, etc. It has lightweight, high-end, beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance.

4. Transport materials: cement, fly ash, expansion agent and other materials. At the same time, the internal structure is designed for special materials to ensure normal use.

CIMC 35 Ton Cement Bulker Tanker Trailer for Sale CIMC 60Ton Cement Bulker Tanker Trailer for Sale

How to avoid the explosion accident of the cement bulker tanker trailer?

The pressure of the tank body of a cement tank truck is generally controlled by man. Explosion accidents are mostly caused by improper operation. Here, we solemnly remind that operators of cement tank trucks should pay attention to the following points:

1. Cement Bulker Tanker trailers are prone to excessive pressure during the entire discharge operation, which can be divided into three situations: the discharge valve in the pressurization stage before discharge is opened late, resulting in excessive pressure; early discharge due to air supply greater than The discharge volume of the tank body is easy to cause excessive pressure; the pipeline blockage during the discharge process is easy to cause excessive pressure.

CIMC 60 Ton Cement Bulker Tanker Trailer for SaleCIMC 60 Ton Cement Bulker Tanker Trailer for Sale

2. If you need to open the lid of the pneumatic carrier 3 axle 60 ton cement bulk trailer, you must ensure that there is no pressure difference between the inside and outside of the tank (observe the pressure gauge pointer is "0") to operate. When the negative pressure is in the tank, the cover cannot be opened due to huge pressure, and it is more dangerous when it is overpressure (positive pressure). If it is opened rashly, it may be accidentally killed by flying.

3. During loading and unloading operations, the operator needs to monitor the pressure and discharge conditions in the tank at all times, and must ensure that the air compressor is in good working condition. During the ash discharging process, the state of the pressure gauge and the pressure relief valve must be kept in mind!

If it is found that the pressure in the tank exceeds the specified pressure, pressure reduction measures shall be taken immediately. Many drivers like to sleep at this time or leave the scene, which is very dangerous. During the loading and unloading process, if there are abnormalities in the air compressor or pipeline valves, emergency stop measures should be taken immediately to stop the work to ensure foolproof.