Automatic Trailer Production

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Under the stimulus of the policy, the trailer market also ushered in a new round of opportunities and challenges. For the trailer manufacturing enterprise, it is also a good opportunity to make the enterprise bigger and stronger.

If you want to have a place in the competitive Trailer market, we should constantly improve the performance of the product so that the user can enjoy the better operation experience. We have introduced standard models: the standard type of barn and skeleton cars, and the introduction of standard models not only ensures the supply of capacity, but also improves the cost performance of the product.

dropside trailer (16).jpg

The introduction of standard cars also means that trailers are developing towards vehicle standardization. The standard cars have uniform size, unified technology and unified configuration. All accessories of trailers are equipped with advanced fully automated production equipment, modular production, short duration and quality guarantee. In addition, the configuration is standardized, the fittings interchangeability is strong, the user is more convenient to repair, and the cost of maintenance will be lower.

Under the stimulation of policies, semi-trailer market is full of opportunities and challenges, so as to improve the quality of production and create high-quality products that meet users' needs, so that we can have a firm foothold in the industry. New factories are built and standard models are introduced.

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