Can The Suction Tank Vacuum Pump Be Washed Directly With Water?

- May 21, 2017 -

Suction truck vacuum pump is sucking truck and pumping truck and other sanitation vehicles to produce the core of pumping force. As the special working environment and cleaning objects are usually relatively dirty and corrosive, so generally after the end of the work need to immediately clean to avoid the equipment life shortened or reduced efficiency, some consumers even ask the vacuum pump can be washed directly with water The argument.

"Vacuum pumps can not be flushed directly with water" The technician explained that the operation of the vacuum pump is basically all supported by electricity. If the water rinse directly, it is likely to cause the line into the water which lead to short circuit, serious damage caused by the pump line can not be used normally! So how should clean the vacuum pump?

The technician also replied that if the vacuum pump is not cleaned up for a long time, it is easy to corrupt the shell of the pump, which is also likely to cause damage to the inner blades. Therefore, we recommend that consumers, after the pump is contaminated with wet towels should be used to wipe, especially dirty parts, you can wash with water, for the already dry garbage, you can use sticks or other items percussion to its own fall can.

We also inform you that the driver, correct and timely completion of the pump clean-up will effectively extend your suction truck vacuum pump use time and reduce the occurrence of failure.

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