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China CIMC 40ft Fence Cargo Semi Trailer will be sent to Djibouti

May 13, 2022

This 40ft fence cargo semi trailer will be sent to Djibouti. China fence semi trailer is also a common model in CIMC factory, the Djibouti customer is very satisfied with the quality and details of CIMC 3 axle fence semi trailer for sale. Our factory also hurriedly made finished products for customers as soon as possible and shipped them after customers paid the final payment. Looking forward to customer feedback later.

The fence cargo semi trailer for sale used to load a wide range of products and materials, like sand, bags, poultry, etc. Also, some bulk cargo, very widely used in the transportation industry.


China CIMC 40ft Fence Cargo Semi Trailer for Sale in Djibouti

China CIMC 40ft Fence Cargo Semi Trailer for Sale in Djibouti

The fence type is a cheap and light construction compared to other cargo semi trailers that you will ever come across out there in the market. It is designed and built in such a way that it is easy to clean, which is a very important aspect to consider during your purchase.

This 40ft fence semi trailer is CIMC most commonly sold model and exported to Djibouti.

the loading capacity of the fence semi trailer is larger. Due to its breathability, the range of the cargo that can be pulled is also wider than that of the van trailer. It is also more convenient in loading and unloading than the van trailer.

At present, the most common bulk cargo trailer in daily life is the fences trailer that pulls vegetables. because of the good air permeability of the fence cargo trailer, if it is a sealed environment, in the summer, the cargo is easily damaged.


China CIMC 40ft Fence Cargo Semi Trailer for Sale in Djibouti

Details of CIMC 40ft Fence Cargo Semi Trailer for Sale


The advantages of CIMC fence semi trailers are as follows:

1. The fence semi trailer model and fence structure design process is combined with the user's cargo category, reasonable design, to fully reduce the weight of the carriage under load conditions, the structure is simple and applicable, and it is convenient to disassemble, reduce investment costs for users, and create more profit value.

2. The frame adopts a space frame structure formed by welding longitudinal beams and integral through cross beams. It can balance the strength, rigidity, and toughness of the frame, with strong bearing capacity and no deformation.

3. The guide arm can choose double-leaf spring and single-leaf spring. The optimized design of single-leaf guide arm structure, lightweight design, three-bridge weight reduction of more than 200 kg, and has good guidance, super reliability and stability.

4. It adopts a new type of suspension system with high strength and strong impact resistance. The load of each axle is balanced, and the system tie rod angle is reasonably designed to reduce the friction slip distance between the tire and the ground and effectively reduce tire wear during frequent bumps.


China CIMC 40ft Fence Cargo Semi Trailer for Sale in Djibouti

Details of CIMC 40ft Fence Cargo Trailer for Sale


5. Imported brake pads and implanted wear alarm device. Effectively guarantee the braking performance of the vehicle during operation.

6. The service life of the CIMC cargo semi trailer brake can reach 1.5 million kilometers in 10 years. Brake discs containing alloy elements, anti-cracking, anti-wear and high temperature resistance.

7. High-precision load bearing, long life and low temperature.

8. Double push rod brake calipers, stable braking performance.

9. The use of low temperature resistant brake air pipe makes driving safer. The 3 axle fence semi trailer wiring harness uses 7-core wiring harness, without any grounding treatment, the lamp can work normally, the use failure rate is low, and it does not need to be replaced for life.

10. Use Phillips pneumatic handshaking joints, air-tight and more durable.