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CIMC 2 Axle 35 Cubic Meters End Dump Trailer is ready shipping to Mozambique

October 17, 2022

This is a end dump trailer coming to Mozambique. This client from Mozambique is working with us for the first time. Before that, he just learned about our company on Google and downloaded the quotation on our official website. After our customer service staff saw the contact information left by the customer, they arranged a professional sale manager in the fastest time. The sales manager communicated the customers as soon as possible.

After the sales manager learned about the customer's transportation needs, he learned that the customer wanted to transport and unload some bulk cargo, such as sand and gravel, etc., our sales manager recommended this 2 axle 35 cubic meters end dumper trailer to him, with a load capacity of 30-40 cubic meters, enough to meet customers' transportation needs.

After two weeks of communication between the two parties, we confirmed the specific configuration and details that the customer wanted, and the factory began to customize the dump trailer for sale for the customer, in order to allow the customer to receive the dump truck trailer in the shortest time. Now this 35 cubic meters dumper trailer has been produced and painted, and we are starting to prepare it for shipment to the customer.

2 Axle 35 Cubic Meters End Dump Trailer for Sale in Mozambique

A dump truck is a vehicle that unloads goods by itself by means of a hydraulic lift. It is composed of end dump trailer chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment and power take-off device. The carriage of the dumper trailer for sale is divided into two types: end dump trailer and side tipper trailer. The movement of the piston rod is controlled by the control system. End dump trailer is more common. Pushing the piston rod causes the carriage to tip over, and a few tipping in both directions. And This trailer shown in the picture is a end dump trailer.

The main purpose of the end dumper trailer for sale is that it is often combined with construction machinery such as excavators and loaders in civil engineering to form a complete loading, transportation and unloading production line for the loading and unloading of bulk materials such as earthwork, sand and gravel.

2 Axle 35 Cubic Meters End Dump Trailer for Sale in Mozambique

Operating Specifications :

Drivers must go through special technical and safety training, and pass the test, and hold a driver's license before they can work. Driving without a license is strictly prohibited.

All inspections before leaving the end dump trailer for sale must be done carefully, especially brakes, tire conditions, oil, cooling water, etc., supplement sufficient fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and cooling water, and tighten the bolts of each connecting piece to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition. The equipment can be started under the state, and the driving shall be carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures.

Strictly abide by the traffic rules and all regulations for safe driving, and it is strictly forbidden to carry people in the end dumper trailer for sale.

2 Axle 35 Cubic Meters End Dump Trailer for Sale in Mozambique

When the end dumper trailer for sale enters the working face to load materials, it should be closely coordinated with the shovel loading equipment, and the end dump trailer should be loaded at the location with the smallest rotation angle of the hydraulic shovel.

When unloading, the drive should obey the command of the on-duty personnel, unload according to the command signal light, and actively cooperate with the bulldozer driver.

When unloading, the end dump truck trailer should be reversed at a slow speed, the wheels should not be on the gear, and the unloading should be done after it has stopped safely. After unloading, the car box should be dropped before starting.

2 Axle 35 Cubic Meters End Dump Trailer for Sale in Mozambique