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CIMC 3 Axle 35 Cbm Tipper Semi Trailer is already sent to Nigeria

October 27, 2022

3 Axle 35 Cbm Tipper Semi Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

Nigerian customers have always been interested in CIMC semi-trailer products, because the quality of CIMC products has a very good reputation in Nigeria. Recently, the 3 axle 35 cbm tipper trailer for sale ordered by Nigerian customers have been produced and have been sent to Nigerian ports a week ago. Customers will receive the 3 axle tipper trailer for sale in about a month or so.

In recent years, CIMC has exported a large number of semi-trailer products to Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and other countries. Nigerian customers have seen many semi-trailer products with CIMC logos in the local area, so they believe more in the strength and quality of CIMC. The customer wants to buy a tipper semi trailer because he wants to transport some sand. Because of the customer's trust, after we solved all the problems for the Nigerian customer, the customer signed the order with us.

3 Axle 35 Cbm Tipper Semi Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

Tipper semi trailer play a pivotal role in the modern logistics industry. As more and more tipper semi trailer for sale products flood the market, the quality has also begun to vary. CIMC , semi tipper trailer for sale is an old product with mature and stable technology, but CIMC has been continuously developing and improving it according to customer needs.

Compared with other manufacturers, CIMC 3 axle tipper semi trailer have many advantages, such as strong carrying capacity, efficient and stable transportation. Diversified application scenarios, urban muck, building material waste, basement waste, agricultural waste, demolition waste, etc. can be transported, and the applicable scenarios are wide.

3 Axle 35 Cbm Tipper Semi Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

The tipper semi trailer is mainly responsible for the transfer of sand, gravel, coal and other materials in the mining area, and the working conditions are complex and harsh. In addition, the current users are more concerned with the issue of transportation efficiency, and the vehicles generally carry more cargo and carry more weight. Therefore, whether it is a rollover or rear tipper semi trailer, problems such as unstable center of gravity, insufficient lifting force, and blind spots when reversing have become typical pain points in the industry. How to solve safety problems and effectively improve transportation efficiency and tipper semi trailer for sale life at the same time has become an urgent problem to be solved in the industry.

CIMC has established a semi tipper trailer for sale R&D team to conduct in-depth research in all parts of the country and overseas markets, analyze various transportation scenarios, dig deep into the pain points of customers, and develop the latest production technology and product structure of semi tipper trailer at home and abroad.

3 Axle 35 Cbm Tipper Semi Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

1. High-strength anti-torsion, light and strong

Combining the changes in market demand, CIMC semi tipper trailer for sale has analyzed the main technical development characteristics and trends of the current semi tipper trailer, and has created three products with high strength, anti-torsion, safety and stability, and large volume. Among them, the torsional strength of the frame is effectively improved in structure; at the same time, the design of the 3 axle tipper trailer for sale frame beam reduces the dead weight of the product and also improves the torsional strength of the frame.

2. Rectangular structure with strong cargo capacity

CIMC 35 cbm tipper semi trailer continue to use the rectangular mechanism, the cargo box has a larger volume, higher strength, and is not deformed under heavy load; by widening the upper frame structure, it also realizes that there is no horizontal tie bar and the box does not rise under heavy load, making the tipper semi trailer unloading easier, smoother and safer.

3 Axle 35 Cbm Tipper Semi Trailer for Sale in Nigeria