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CIMC 35cbm Semi Tipper Trailer will be sent to Burkina Faso

December 16, 2021

CIMC 35cbm Semi Tipper Trailer will be sent to Burkina Faso

Semi tipper trailer is fundamentally different from ordinary vehicle braking. Many drivers who are new to Semi tipper trailer have no understanding of semi-trailer structure, design and basic maintenance due to lack of maintenance. Once the brake fails during driving, they are often helpless. It even caused serious accidents.

There are 4 common causes of brake failure of Semi tipper trailer:

(1) Air leakage: the gap between the brake pad and the brake hub is too large, the relay valve is out of order, and the material of the brake pad is not good. This is the most common cause of brake failure. Air leakage in the gas path is usually caused by the rupture of the gas path, the aging and falling of the raw tape, and the rust and corrosion of the interface.

Once the air leakage occurs, the brake will become soft or even fail. The Semi tipper trailer installed with the emergency relay valve will enter the safe braking state, automatically brake and park, and enter the safe area for maintenance after emergency treatment.

CIMC 35cbm Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale in Burkina FasoCIMC 35cbm Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale in Burkina Faso

(2) Brake pad gap: the wear of brake pads will cause the gap between the brake pads and the brake hub to become larger, and the brakes are prone to brake failure during braking. In addition, when adjusting the brakes of an empty car, the repairer will generally adjust the brake gap slightly to prevent the empty car from braking too quickly.

Once the car is heavily loaded, the brake is often prone to failure. Therefore, the card friend should pay attention to the vehicle's carrying status when driving. Distinguish the braking response between no-load and heavy-load, and adjust the brakes frequently if necessary.

(3) Relay valve failure: This situation is more common in cold areas in the north, and the relay valve often fails due to freezing. It can be said that the relay valve is the core component of the Semi tipper trailer brake system. Once the relay valve fails, it is extremely easy to cause accidents.

(4) Poor material of brake pads: For 60 ton semi tipper trailers equipped with ABS system, non-asbestos brake pads must be installed. The powder produced by semi-metal and metallic asbestos brake pads can easily interfere with the working environment of the ABS sensor and make the ABS system unable to work. To achieve the desired effect, it may even cause the brakes to lock.

CIMC 35cbm Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale in Burkina FasoCIMC 35cbm Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale in Burkina Faso

For the four common problems, the corresponding solutions are:

The emergency solution is to use quick connectors to reconnect the damaged location of the pipeline, reinstall the leaking gas tape of the connector, and replace the rusty and corroded connector.

If the brake cylinder is leaking or damaged, you can plug the air inlet with a threaded plug, and unscrew the parking release bolt lever of the brake cylinder or adjust the brake adjustment lever to loosen the brake, which is convenient for 35cbm semi tipper trailer. Drive into a safe area and perform repairs.

Of course, a better solution is to take precautions from the source. Choosing better gas path accessories can greatly reduce the occurrence of failures and eliminate many maintenance troubles.

(1) Check the condition of the brake pads frequently. If the distance is too large, it needs to be adjusted in time. It is really impossible to judge whether the distance is large or small. You can adjust it in a simple way. First use a screwdriver to tighten the adjusting arm screw, and then turn it 90° in the loosening direction.

Of course, the most important thing is to pay attention to checking the condition of Semi tipper trailer brake pads. If they are severely worn, they must be replaced in time. Since it is a trailer with an adjustment-free function, you must not be careless. Check the brake pads frequently, and also for the automatic adjustment arm. Maintenance should be done in time.

CIMC 35cbm Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale in Burkina FasoCIMC 35cbm Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale in Burkina Faso

(2) The relay valve freezes, which is often caused by the water vapor in the gas path being cold and icing. The solution is to open the drying tank to take out the ice cubes and blow-dry the inside of the drying tank.

(3) Asbestos-free high-quality brake pads should be selected for brake pads, especially Semi tipper trailers equipped with ABS.

In addition, it should be noted that the vehicle must be equipped with necessary vulnerable accessories, such as nylon tube, quick connector, raw tape, plug, connector, etc. when the vehicle is traveling outside.

Semi tipper trailer brakes are different from the main vehicle brakes. Card friends often ignore the problem of semi-trailer brakes and lack the necessary understanding of Semi tipper trailer brake systems. This not only delays driving but also brings huge hidden dangers to their own safety. Therefore, regardless of the card friend How busy we are, we must take time to learn vehicle knowledge and take precautions before they happen