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CIMC 38000 Liters Palm Oil Tanker Trailer will be sent to Congo

December 9, 2021

CIMC 38000 Liters Aluminum Tanker Trailer for Sale in CongoCIMC 38000 Liters Aluminum Tanker Trailer for Sale in Congo

A customer from Congo customized CIMC 38000 liters aluminum tanker trailer. This customer is also an old customer of cimc trailers. He previously bought semitrailers such as cement tanker trailers at cimc. This time the customer directly contacted the sales of the previous docking business with him and expressed that he wanted to buy a 38000L oil tank semitrailer.

Our sales manager recommended several aluminum tanker trailers to the customer, and the customer finally chose to customize the CIMC 38000 liters aluminum tanker trailer. Regardless of whether it is new or old customers, cimc's service is first-class. After the factory has completed the production of the vehicle, the sales and the customer sent the pictures and videos, and now the 38000L oil tank semitrailer is about to be shipped.

CIMC 38000 Liters Aluminum Tanker Trailer for Sale in CongoCIMC 38000 Liters Aluminum Tanker Trailer for Sale in Congo

How to ensure safety when driving a tank trailer

Loading the tank

One of the most important safety measures when handling a 38000L oil tank semi trailer is following the right procedure when loading the tank. Proper loading is important is to avoid liquid surge, which is common when a tank is half filled.

The liquid in the tank may surge back and forth when the driver stops the trailer. The surge tends to push the trailer in the direction of the wave. Such movements are dangerous on slippery

Given the risks of a liquid surge, it is important to ensure that the weight of the liquid is equally distribution for tanks will different compartments. In addition, the driver must leave enough room for the liquid to expand.

The room required depends on the type of liquid being transported. The most important factors to consider the determine the amount of liquid to load in a tank include:

The expansation rate of the liquid; Legal weight limits in the country; The weight of the liquid; The temperature of the load

Inspect all the valves before loading to ensure that there are in the right position. Otherwise, they will not function as required especially in times of emergencies. Inspect the emergency shut off systems, cut off valves, intake and discarge to ensure that they are in the right place.

CIMC 38000 Liters Aluminum Tanker Trailer for Sale in CongoCIMC 38000 Liters Aluminum Tanker Trailer for Sale in Congo

Inspecting the cimc 38000 liters aluminum tanker trailer

It is important to inspect the tank trailer just before driving even after following the right loading procedures. Start by inspecting all around the trailer to ensure that there are no leakages.

Do not driving if the loaded gas or liquid is leaking, even if the leakage is small. Check if all the manholes and valves are covered. Driving a tank trailer with open valves is risky.

Inspections are necessary during the regular maintenance services. However, it is important to recheck the parts before loading new cargo.

Safe driving tips

After ensuring that the cimc tank trailer is in good condition to transport the gas or liquid, observer the following tips for your safety:

Control the surges

We mentioned that liquid surges can cause the trailer to roll over when stepping on the brakes. Some tanks have baffles that control the forward and backwards movements of the liquid.

However, the side to side surges will still occur, which can cause an accident when not controlled. One way to control the liquid surges is to keep the pressure on the brakes steady. Avoid releasing the brakes when stopping the cimc 38000 liters aluminum tanker trailer.

Another tip to control the surge is to start braking while still a distance away from the stop. Sometimes you must use the emergency brakes to avoid an accident.

In such cases, use stab or controlled braking and avoid steering quickly while applying the brakes. Quick steering can make the tank trailer to roll over.

Keep a long stopping distance

The stopping distance is not only important in controlling liquid surges but also for the safety of other motorists on the road. Determine the safest stopping distance depending on the type of the road.

For instance, you need to double the normal stopping distance when driving on wet roads. Consider the weight of the tank trailer as well. An empty tank trailer is lighter and normally takes a longer time to stop than a fully loaded tank trailer. Hence, you need to increase the stopping distance when the tank empty.

CIMC 38000 Liters Aluminum Tanker Trailer for Sale in CongoCIMC 38000 Liters Aluminum Tanker Trailer for Sale in Congo

Drive smoothly

Start, reduce speed, and stop the 38000L oil tank semitrailer smoothly. The center of gravity of most tank trailers is high when loaded. Hence, the level of stability of the trailer is low. Driving smoothly especially when changing lanes or turning the trailer improve its stability.

In addition, driving smoothly helps you to control the surges. Be careful when approaching curves on the road. Slow down the trailer before you get to the curve and then accelerate gradually as you navigate the curve.

Avoid skidding

One major cause of accidents and incidents on the road involving trailers is skidding. If you over brake, over steer, or over accelerate, the trailer is likely to skid.

If you notice that the wheels are skidding while driving, move fast to restore normal traction. Failing to act on time may cause the cimc trailer to jackknife, which simply means that the trailer slided towards the front the truck.

At this point, the trailer has exceeded the normal 45 degrees angle. Practice driving the tank trailer smoothly whether loaded or empty. Skidding and subsequently jackknifing is common on wet and icy roads.

Observe speed limits

Many accidents occur when drivers ignore speed limits. Watch the speed limits on the road and drive within those limits. Avoid the temptation to speed up when the road seems clear.

Consider the weather as well to determine the most appropriate speed. You may need to drive a slow speed during the icy and wet weather to avoid skidding. Hence, it is important to get weather updates before starting any trip.

CIMC 38000 Liters Aluminum Tanker Trailer for Sale in CongoCIMC 38000 Liters Aluminum Tanker Trailer for Sale in Congo