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CIMC 4 Axle 80 Ton Semi Tipper Trailer will be sent to Kenya

November 25, 2021


CIMC 4 Axle 60ton End Dump Tipper Trailer for Sale CIMC 4 Axle 80ton Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale

The customer from Kenya is the owner of a transportation company. Own transportation business is getting better and better, and the customer customized two cimc 80ton Semi Tipper Trailers this time. After the customer searched our website on the web, they left their contact information online, and then the sales contacted the customer by phone and email.

After receiving the detailed quotation, the customer followed the sales to determine the parameters and configuration of the Semi Tipper Trailer. The specific style is as shown in the text, and the two CIMC 4 axle end dump trailers will be ready for shipment after a while.

There are four types of tipper semi trailer: rear tipping semi trailers, side rock dump semi trailer, skeleton dump trailer, and flatbed type tipping trailer.

The tilt chassis trailer manufacturer’s hydraulic dump trailer can be customized from 15 tons to 80 tons, 80 tons to 120 tons, 120 tons-180 tons of different tonnage according to the different cargoes.

The volume of the tipper semi trailer can be customized according to the needs of the customers. The common volumes are 30 cubic meters, 32 cubic meters, 35 cubic meters, 45 cubic meters, 50 cubic meters, 80 cubic meters, 80 cubic meters and so on. Such as 15m and 20m3 tipper trailer for sale.

CIMC 4 Axle 60ton End Dump Tipper Trailer for SaleCIMC 4 Axle 80ton Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale

CIMC 4 Axle End Dump Trailer Maintenance Knowledge

1. After mentioning the new dump truck, the fuel must be filled up for the first time. This is to check whether the fuel gauge of the new cimc tipper trailer is accurate.

2. For the economy of the vehicle, except for the first time, it is not necessary to fill up the fuel tank in the future. Generally, it can be increased to 2/3. You know, the full load of the fuel tank is almost the same as an adult.

3. Refueling time is best in the morning, especially in the hot summer, to avoid a large amount of gas in the fuel tank, resulting in less refueling. When the indicator light of the fuel gauge lights up, you should refuel immediately. Otherwise, the diesel pump may be burned because there is too little diesel in the fuel tank to dissipate heat from the diesel pump.

CIMC 4 Axle 60ton End Dump Tipper Trailer for SaleCIMC 4 Axle 80ton Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale

Why can we produce high-quality end dump trailers?

1. Double-plate main beam of heavy-duty end dump trailer; for heavy duty cimc semi tipper trailer, the main beam adopts double-layer plate design, which has stronger bearing capacity and is not easy to damage.

2. Hydraulic cylinder: heavy-duty cylinder, with larger diameter, stronger lifting capacity, higher height, making the lifting more stable and not easy to turn over.

3. Sub-beam: The sub-beam with 4 units can make the bottom of the box have better bearing capacity and will not be easily deformed. The lattice structure of the side door makes the side door stronger.

4. Cross beam: There are balance beams at the front and back of the main beam, which can better support the beam and not easily deform.

CIMC 4 Axle 60ton End Dump Tipper Trailer for SaleCIMC 4 Axle 80ton Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale

5. Flip brackets: 4 flip brackets, which can make the rear end load more evenly during unloading, and it is not easy to damage the cimc trailer.

6. Leaf spring and suspension: The leaf spring is widened and thickened, and the shock absorption effect is good. The suspension is widened and the center pin is widened, which makes the vehicle more stable during driving.

7. Self-weight: We can emphasize the weight of the CIMC 4 axle end dump trailer to customers, increase the weight and improve the carrying capacity;

8. Polyurethane paint, more beautiful, strong adhesion, can use color and paint for a long time, effectively protect the body from rust, acid and alkali corrosion, and extend the service life of the vehicle

9. Reinforcing ribs and unique structural design can maximize the effective load.