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CIMC 4 Line 8 Axle Lowbed Trailer will be sent to Uganda

December 12, 2022

CIMC 4 Line 8 Axle Lowbed Trailer for Sale in Uganda

The customer in Uganda is an old customer of CIMC. He is the purchasing manager of a local transportation company in Uganda. He contacted CIMC last month and told us that he need a lowbed trailer for sale, which is mainly used to transport some large and medium-sized machinery. Because our sales staff are very familiar with the customer's habits, they recommended the 4 line 8 axle low bed trailer to the customer.

Our sales manager quickly sorted out the relevant information and sent the 4 line 8 axle low bed trailer truck quotation to the customer, who successfully placed the order within two days. Pictured above, the low bed trailer truck is now being expedited at the factory and ready to be shipped to Uganda.

CIMC 4 Line 8 Axle Lowbed Trailer for Sale in Uganda

As a special tool for large-scale transportation, the lowbed trailer for sale has the characteristics of high transportation efficiency and safety, and is widely used in modern logistics transportation.

The lowbed trailer for sale seems simple, but in fact it has a lot of knowledge. It must not only consider the requirements of lightweight trailers, but also meet the high load requirements of bulk cargo, and also take into account the individual needs of customers. CIMC trailers sell well both at home and abroad. What details do they rely on to stand out from the encirclement?

CIMC 4 Line 8 Axle Lowbed Trailer for Sale in Uganda

Intelligent process

The whole cimc trailers is made of high-strength steel. The whole cimc lowbed trailer truck takes into account the three advantages of lightness, lowness and high load, and the personalized customization meets the needs of users in an all-round way.

The company introduces industry-leading automated production equipment and builds a standardized intelligent robot production line. The cimc trailers has imported large-format fiber laser cutting machines, chain turning machines, roller-through shot blasting machines, four-axis tightening machines, gantry double-gun welding machines and many other advanced equipment.

At present, a complete set of intelligent assembly technology such as machine cutting and blanking and welding has been formed, which has comprehensively improved the quality of steel cutting, welding, spraying and other processes, and improved the accuracy of CIMC trailers in all aspects.

CIMC 4 Line 8 Axle Lowbed Trailer for Sale in Uganda

Laser blanking equipment process

Originally imported ultra-large-format fiber laser cutting machine cuts into one piece, the CIMC lowbed trailer for sale quality of the slit section is good, the heat is small, the steel does not deform, and it can better ensure the strength and deformation of the steel and ensure the standardization of the entire lowbed trailer for sale body.

Robotic automatic welding process

The laser sensor scans the profile changes of the box board in real time, the automatic loading and unloading system transports the material to the welding position, and the welding action is completed simultaneously on both sides of the weld. The lowbed trailer for sale welding formability is good, the weld seam is beautiful, and the durability is stronger, which avoids the problems of missing welding and partial welding, and improves the carrying capacity of the cimc trailers.