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CIMC 40 Ton Tri Axle Side Tipper Trailer will be sent to Guyana

September 15, 2022

Guyana customer found us through the introduction of friends. Guyana customer learned that CIMC is a well-known semi-trailer manufacturer in China, and the quality is guaranteed. The main demand of the customer is to order a side tipper trailer to transport sand and gravel. Our sales have provided the customer with professional opinions and suggestions, and communicated with the technicians many times to determine a satisfactory solution for the Guyana customer.

Guyana finally ordered a 40 ton tri axle side tipper trailer. Soon, the factory designed the drawings and put it into production quickly.

3 axles side tipper trailer

CIMC 40 Ton Tri Axle Side Tipper Trailer for Sale in Guyana


Features of side tipper trailer

The demond of the side tipper for sale is growing. This is due to the fact that such equipment has a greater carrying capacity compared to trucks, and at the same time it costs 2 times less than traditional trucks.

The body of this equipment is made of durable solid metal, which makes it possible for it to carry large volumes of cargo. The body of the tri axle side tipper for sale can be tilted to unload the contents either by means of a hydraulic lift or by means of a telescopic cylinder. Various models allow you to control the unloading process both directly from the cab of the tractor, and from the outside, using special devices and manipulators.

3 axles side tipper trailer

CIMC 40 Ton Tri Axle Side Tipper Trailer for Sale in Guyana


Also, according to the parameter, side tipper for sale of inclined and forced unloading are distinguished. In the case of inclined unloading, powerful telescopic lifts are used, in forced unloading, a screw auger is used, which, while rotating, pushes the load out of the body. In agriculture, side unloading models are most often used, since goods are unloaded in special hangars. Rear dump trucks are popular because of the optimal combination of low body weight and the ability to carry impressive volumes of cargo. It is also valued for the simplicity of the design of such semi-trailers.

The ability of side tipper trailer to carry a certain amount of cargo is directly related to the number of axles. Side tipper trailer can be two-, three- or four-axle. Each model of such side tipper has a reinforced frame.

3 axle side tipper trailer

CIMC 40 Ton Tri Axle Side Tipper Trailer for Sale in Guyana


The side tipper trailer can be u-shape or square. The first option is distinguished by its lower weight, the absence of welded seams on the sides, which speeds up its unloading and ensures greater stability of the trailer. However, it is only used for bulk cargo. The square shape of the body is considered universal, as it allows you to carry various goods.

The tri axle side tipper for sale has a much larger volume compared to the tipper truck and ranges from 20ton-60ton. Depending on the purpose, the volume of the side tipper body is also chosen. So, for bulk materials of fine fraction.