CIMC ----- A New Generation Of Lightweight Powder Tank Semi Trailers Will Be Launched In The International Market

- Sep 30, 2017 -


At present, lightweight has become the focus of the market, and more and more attention has been paid to it. CIMC tank trailer company as a domestic leading enterprises, in recent years has invested a lot of scientific research strength, and constantly improve the structure and technology of products, improve product performance, designed and developed a series of light products, especially the recently developed lightweight powder tank semi-trailer. The product has won a number of national technical patents, the competitive advantage is obvious, has broad market prospects, has now begun to put on the market. 


1, tank structure: the tank is made of high strength alloy steel, domestic famous steel performance, reliable welding; tank use of advanced technology, to ensure the high strength and good sealing performance; the venturi type fluidized bed, no side slide structure, gas separation device and safe discharging device, effectively reduce the weight of the vehicle and improve unloading speed.

2, power device: the power system can choose the main vehicle capacity, cost saving, convenient operation; diesel engine transmission and optional tradition; also driven by the motor, reduce fuel consumption, effective cost savings for customers, a variety of options to maximize the convenience of the customers to choose the power source.

3, using the portable aluminum material cover: a finger can easily lift the lid, fasteners are used galvanized and the unique design of feed to eliminate the material accumulation, greatly facilitate the customer use, reduce maintenance costs.

4, the use of lightweight materials, widely used Aluminum Alloy accessories, such as: Aluminum Alloy legs, side door, door, fenders, escalators, one removable skid platform, unloading valve, light structure, operation more flexible and convenient wear, long service life, high-end beauty, performance guarantee at the same time, strong corrosion resistance, prevent corrosion, reduce the maintenance cost.

5 、 brake system: double pipe brake system, equipped with imported relay valve, pneumatic main vehicle brake system and ABS anti lock braking system, to ensure the safe driving of vehicles.

6, the suspension system: the domestic well-known brand of high strength light wear suspension, composed of tandem lightweight, high strength spring rod and bearing, ensure that the shaft load balance, prevent vehicle deviation, gnawing fetal phenomenon.

7, walking mechanism: the axle adopts the domestic famous brands such as Fu Hua, adopt aluminium alloy steel ring, vacuum tire, reasonable collocation, adapt to all kinds of road conditions, ensure the driving stability, safety and reliability.

8, paint spraying: the body after blasting, grinding, cleaning, primer, coating, finishing, drying and other processes, effectively improve the adhesion of the film, after salt spray test proved that the body corrosion resistance is stronger.


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