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CIMC Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale in Senegal

September 9, 2020

As the leader of the tanker trailer, CIMC aluminum alloy tanker trailer has become an important partner for the transportation of refined oil and chemical products with their high-end quality and excellent performance. The proportion of new fuel tanker trailer in the oil carrier system of CIMC aluminum alloy tanker trailer has been increasing.

With the closer cooperation between the two parties, in order to better serve the oil transportation industry, CIMC has worked with agents to develop standards and specifications for fuel tanker trailer based on the characteristics of refined oil transportation, from the perspectives of oil quality, transportation efficiency, and transportation safety. Make clear requirements for API valve center distance, rear anti-collision distance, and partition board. This time, CIMC has promoted the cooperation between the two parties to go deeper and wider, and expand the results of win-win cooperation.

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Advantages of fuel tanker trailer:

1. CIMC aluminum tanker trailer is a light-weight fuel tanker. It's made of aluminum alloy.
2. Bulk heads and anti-surfers with rise structure, high strength, material thickness according to GB standard.
3. And it can remove your trouble of rustiness. The profits generated during the whole life cycle are very impressive.
4. The fact that aluminum is lighter and lower in strength than steel does not mean that aluminum trailers are weak. The trailers have enough loading capacity to transport fuel or oil in bulk.

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Fuel tanker body maintenance method:

1.Regularly maintain the diesel tanker trailer. Rust and scaling of the engine water tank are the most common problems. Rust and scale will restrict the flow of coolant in the cooling system, reduce heat dissipation, cause the engine to overheat, and even cause engine damage. The oxidation of the coolant will also form acidic substances, which will corrode the metal parts of the water tank, causing damage and leakage of the water tank. Regularly use high-efficiency cleaning agents to clean the water tank to remove rust and scale, not only to ensure the normal operation of the engine, but also to extend the overall life of the water tank and engine.
2.The aluminum alloy tanker trailer should be cleaned regularly. The fuel tanker trailer is mainly driven by the engine to operate. The tanker is mainly composed of an oil gun, a reel, a flow meter, and an oil pump. It is mainly used to refuel various vehicles such as engineering vehicles and small cars. Because the tanker is often used, after a certain period of time, the oil pipe should be checked regularly to ensure the normal operation of the tanker. The slow refueling efficiency of many tankers is caused by the blockage of the filter.

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3.In order to better ensure the cleanliness requirements of tank trucks in use, every time the transportation of oil products is completed, a complete cleaning implementation is required, especially for tanks and oil delivery systems. Cleaning plan. Only by ensuring the cleanliness of oil pipes and oil tanks can we provide a strong and valuable guarantee for the transportation of high-quality oil products. In general, starting from the three aspects of diesel tanker trailer body maintenance, tank body maintenance and improving driving habits, while prolonging the service life of the tanker, it can also greatly reduce safety hazards and avoid accidents.
4.Replacement of filter element and engine oil of fuel tanker trailer. No matter how good the lubricating oil is after a certain period of use, as long as the oil quality changes, it should be replaced immediately. If it continues to be used, it may cause abrasion and performance degradation of various parts of the fuel tanker trailer, and cause chronic problems to the engine and other devices. Damage, so choose medium or above engine oil as the standard according to the conditions. Because when the oil passes through the pores of the filter, the solid particles and viscous substances in the oil are accumulated in the filter. If the filter is blocked and the oil cannot pass through the filter element, it will burst the filter element or open the safety valve, overflow from the bypass valve, return the dirt to the original lubrication position, damage the engine, and allow the internal parts to store dirt.