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CIMC Cement Powder Tanker Trailer will be sent to Ghana Accra

April 28, 2022


The Ghana customer is a very well-known local transportation company. Every year, a large number of cement powder tanker trailer need to be purchased. Customers are compared with multiple suppliers. Finally choose to cooperate with CIMC.

CIMC powder tanker trailer have been completed and passed the test. Our factory professionals inspected the newly completed cement powder tanker trailer and fully complied with the inspection standards. Today the factory is packing, ready to send .


CIMC Cement Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale in Ghana Accra

CIMC Cement Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale in Ghana Accra


Composition structure of CIMC powder tanker trailer:

The main assembly of the powder tanker is composed of a tank body, a power system (diesel engine, air compressor), a gas circuit system, and a brake system.

At present, the design of the fluidized bed in the tanks of general large manufacturers is scientific and the layout is reasonable, which can effectively shorten the discharge time and reach 1.4T / min.

The volume utilization rate of the tank is improved, and the residual ash rate is reduced, and the residual ash rate is 0.2%.


Tank body:

The powder tanker body is mainly composed of two oblique cones and front and rear heads. It is placed on the frame and serves as a carrier. The tank body is equipped with a feed inlet, a non-slip walking platform and a ladder for loading and maintenance personnel to enter the tank. The tank has slides, air chambers, discharge ports, etc., and the tank structure is V-shaped cement powder tanker trailer, W-shaped powder tanker trailer or straight shape cement tanker.

The V shape powder tanker trailer is a single silo tank, generally suitable for designing cubic numbers of 15-45m³. The W shape is a double-storage tank, generally suitable for designing cubic numbers of 50-75m³.


CIMC Cement Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale in Ghana Accra

CIMC Cement Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale in Ghana Accra


Power system:

Single-cylinder or double cylinder air compressor is used to provide compressed air for discharge work, the powder tanker trailer rated working pressure is 0.2Mpa; the displacement is 10-14 cubic meters/min.

Diesel engine and motor wave can be used to connect and drive through the secondary force device The shaft provides power input for the air compressor.

CIMC cement tanker trailer uses world-famous brand diesel-engine Weichai 4102 to help the air compressor work better, the discharging speed can reach to 1.6ton per minute, the cement allowance is no more than 50kg.


CIMC Cement Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale in Ghana Accra


Piping system:

Intake pipe: After the gas is output by the air compressor, it enters each cabin through the check valve and the ball valve. A safety valve is installed before and after the check valve to prevent the pipeline pressure from being too high to damage the air compressor in case of an accident. The safety valve is set to bleed pressure to 0.2Mpa.

A pressure relief valve is installed on the top of the powder tanker trailer for sale tank body to release the residual pressure in the tank, and is used for deflation before the user opens the material cover and stops discharging in the middle.


Unloading pipeline:

The discharge pipeline is mainly composed of suction port, butterfly valve, discharge steel pipe, discharge pipe joint, discharge hose, etc.

An anti-shock pressure gauge is installed on the tank body to monitor the pressure change in the tank and to guide the discharge.