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CIMC Side Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale - How to choose a side tipper trailer?

February 3, 2021

Due to the sudden increase in the demand for side tipper trailers, many new semi tipper trailer owners are faced with many different manufacturers, brands, configurations, and product explanations from sales personnel before buying a side semi tipper trailer. Eventually they may be dazzled and unable to start. Then what is a good side tipper trailer? What good qualities should a trailer have? As the leader of CIMC semi-trailers, buying CIMC side tipper trailer is certainly the best choice, with beautiful appearance and good quality.

CIMC Side Semi Tipper Trailer

CIMC Side Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale

How to choose a side tipper trailer?

1. The center of gravity of the side tipper trailer should be as low as possible

The structure of the side tipper trailer design should be reasonable. According to the load of the side tipper trailer, the type of goods, the road conditions and the driver’s driving habits, the system should be planned and designed to meet different usage requirements. The CIMC side tipper trailer has the same configuration, the lowest ground clearance in the industry, convenient operation, safe and stable driving!

2. The side semi tipper trailer weight

The first company in the industry to apply super-strength steel materials to side semi tipper trailer, effectively reducing the weight of the vehicle under the condition of unchanged load. At present, the main load-bearing parts of the side semi tipper trailer have fully realized the combined use of high-strength steel and super-strength steel, with stable materials and good performance.

3. Processing technology

Nowadays, with the popularization of mechanical automation, many factories have realized basic automated operations in the blanking, welding and other processes in the side semi tipper trailer processing process, and the production process has generally been greatly improved.

After welding and forming, it is necessary to perform processes such as surface sandblasting and rust removal, so as to better increase the adhesion of the paint.

4. paint spraying

The paint of the CIMC side semi tipper trailer is evenly sprayed, and the coverage must be comprehensive. The polyurethane paint has high brightness, durability and does not fade.

5. The quality of accessories must be reliable. The prices of axles, domestic axles and domestic joint venture brand axles and imported axles are very different. In terms of quality, practice has proved that it is definitely right to get what you pay for.

CIMC Side Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale - How to choose a side tipper trailer?

side tipper trailer in factory

Side semi tipper trailer Precautions

Pay attention to the structure and welders, don’t just pursue cheap side semi tipper trailer.

In fact, there are two main reasons for the cracking of the Side Semi Tipper Trailer: one is the unreasonable structural design, and the other is the failure of the production process.

In terms of structure, most of the trailer manufacturers' Side Semi Tipper Trailer in the industry are directly adapted to the design of ordinary sidewall trailer. But in fact, because this type of Side Semi Tipper Trailer has a dump function, the force on the sub-frame, diagonal brace, etc. is much more complicated than that of a railcar.

In terms of craftsmanship, since the current Side Semi Tipper Trailer is mainly made by small manufacturers, the welding crafts and materials used are uneven. In order to reduce prices and cater to the market, cutting corners often occurs.

CIMC Side Semi Tipper Trailer for Sale

Details of CIMC side semi tipper trailer

Therefore, when purchasing a Side Semi Tipper Trailer, pay attention to several key stress points such as diagonal bracing points, suspension ribs, and sub-frames. Some more experienced companies often reinforce these areas, and at the same time They are also more particular about welders and materials.