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CIMC Terminal Skeletal Semi Trailer For Sale

October 15, 2020

In the face of fierce market competition, many shipping company giants took advantage of this low tide to upgrade terminal hardware facilities, hoping to make rapid profits.

CIMC has excellent terminal trailer design and manufacturing level and quality assurance capabilities. Terminal trailer products have been widely favored by domestic and overseas customers. It is a well-known port terminal port trailer product supplier. Recently, a batch of orders was completed as scheduled and will be sent to Jamaica soon.

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This model has advanced design concepts, reasonable structure and good carrying effect; the terminal trailer body is made of high-quality steel, well welded, and the skin is durable; the braking system adopts internationally renowned brands with excellent performance. CIMC yard terminal trailer products will definitely perform outstandingly in port terminal transportation.


Different types of CIMC container chassis:
There are different designs for container chassis trailers based on their application and use. Each one of them is drawn from the desired transportation means and where it will be used.

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1. Common container chassis:
The framework is usually made of steel. This is where the containers get loaded and offloaded through the use of overhead cranes.
CIMC container chassis can be used for the transportation of containers of various lengths: 20ft or 40ft.
The common container trailer chassis is easy to use and affordable. However, you will need auxiliary equipment such as the overhead cranes for loading and offloading the containers from the chassis.

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2. CIMC Terminal trailer
CIMC terminal chassis trailer for sale is an economically feasible and practical trailer to use. This is an invention that offers a truck chassis for loading and offloading high weight containers without much effort.
The terminal port trailer has a simple structure. It comprises a simple truck chassis but of rugged construction.
This terminal trailer is adjustable to meet your desired maneuverability conditions for loading and offloading. Adjustments to axle spacing can also be made based on your needs.

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3. Container tipping chassis
The striking feature with the CIMC container tipping chassis trailer is a mechanism that makes it easy to unload the container. That means it comes with a somewhat different structure from other types of container trailers.
The hydraulic system mounted on the upper platform facilitates the offloading process causing the container to tilt upwards to offload cargo. In such an arrangement, no external equipment will be required for offloading cargo from the container.

CIMC provides reliable trailers all over the world. Years of experience has seen the company producing trailers that meet international standards in their design and performance. CIMC container chassis trailers are specially designed to meet the needs of the mining and agricultural sector. Their range also caters to the transportation needs of local businesses. With the latest models having an increased load capacity, CIMC offers tough and trustworthy container trailers.

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