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CIMC Tri Axle 40Ft Skeleton Semi Trailer will be shipped to Congo

October 12, 2022

This time, the Congo customer ordered 3 sets tri axle 40ft skeleton semi trailer, and the production has now been completed.

This is the second time that the Congo customer has cooperated with CIMC. The first time the customer purchased a flatbed trailer. After using it for half a year, the customer thinks that our product is very durable, which is different from the previous flatbed trailer he bought before. This time, customer has the need to transport containers at the terminal and want to buy skeleton semi trailer, CIMC skeleton semi trailer are our hot-selling products, with good quality, many customers will buy them again. This time, the Congo customer directly ordered 3 sets tri axle 40ft skeleton semi trailer. The customer said that they would cooperate with CIMC again in the future.

CIMC Tri Axle 40Ft Skeleton Semi Trailers for Sale in Congo

CIMC Tri Axle 40Ft Skeleton Semi Trailers for Sale in Congo


A skeleton semi trailer is required when transporting standard sea, rail, specialized containers.

An ISO container is a unified reusable metal container of a closed type for transportation of assortment, bulk and liquid cargoes by sea, rail, air or road. 40Ft skeleton semi trailer are used to transport goods.

Skeleton semi trailer is an open type module, without boards. The design of the 40ft skeleton semi trailer consists of a frame, a fifth wheel coupling (Congoawbar) and wheel axles.

The frame of skeleton semi trailer is the main load-bearing structural element. It consists of metal spars of square section, connected by jumpers. Supports with fittings are installed along the edges of the frame. They are a device in the form of a brand, which serves to secure the load on board the skeleton semi trailer. The principle of skeleton semi trailer operation is simple: after installing the container on the skeleton semi trailer, the fittings are threaded into special holes in the corners of the container and rotated by 90°. After that, they are twisted with nuts and clamped with locknuts. The thread of the fitting has a rectangular section, which prevents the nut from spontaneous unwinding and loss of cargo along the way.

Depending on the number of axles 40ft skeleton are two-, three-axle and four-axle. Axles can be single or double. This affects the load capacity of the 40ft skeleton.

CIMC Tri Axle 40Ft Skeleton Semi Trailers for Sale in Congo

CIMC Tri Axle 40Ft Skeleton Semi Trailers for Sale in Congo


Delivery of goods is considered a difficult task, as there is a dependence on the delivery time and the safety of the goods from damage. This is best handled by road transport.

The advantages of cargo delivery by 40ft skeleton semi trailer include:

1.Mobility. Using skeleton semi trailer delivery of goods by road is the fastest, as the network of roads is already extensive and is developing even more.

2. Convenience. The skeleton semi trailer for sale will deliver the transported goods to a place convenient for unloading.

3.Minimum loading and unloading time. All transported cargo is in a container. This means no movers are needed. The whole process is projected on lifting the load by a truck crane.

CIMC Tri Axle 40Ft Skeleton Semi Trailers for Sale in Congo

CIMC Tri Axle 40Ft Skeleton Semi Trailers for Sale in Congo


4. Product protection. The body of the container is made of metal. Therefore, it reliably protects the cargo from direct mechanical and atmospheric influences.

5. Price. Compared to other modes of transport, the cost part is reduced to a minimum. This is due to the amount of fuel consumed and the price of it.

6. Time of delivery. This parameter, when transporting goods by road, is linked to a flexible system for calculating the delivery. Road transport does not need special permits and dedicated routes as for rail and air transport.