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CIMC Tri Axle Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer will be sent to Costa Rica

July 20, 2022

This Costa Rica customer is our repeat customer who purchased our aluminum tanker trailer before. He personally experienced the excellent quality of CIMC aluminum fuel tanker trailer and the timely and professional after-sale service. So when he wanted to expand the scale of transportation and buy more aluminum fuel tanker trailers, he contacted us again. Our sales manger Ariana customized tri axle aluminum tanker trailer for him.

The use of aluminum tanker trailer can not only greatly reduce the vehicle's own weight and improve transportation efficiency, but also has a long service life, which is 5-10 years longer than that of steel tanker. During the entire life cycle, the profits created are very considerable.


CIMC Tri Axle Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale in Costa Rica

CIMC Tri Axle Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale in Costa Rica


Advantages of aluminum tanker trailer

Resource consumption and environmental pollution have become global issues, and the whole society is paying attention to the energy-saving and emission-reduction work of automobiles. Measures such as reducing the weight of aluminum tanker trailer for sale, reducing fuel consumption, and improving transportation efficiency have become common concerns for governments, scientific research units, vehicle manufacturers, and transportation users. Aluminum is the second largest metal after steel.

Aluminum alloy has a series of excellent characteristics, such as low density, lightweight, high strength, good elasticity, good impact resistance, corrosion resistance, easy surface coloring, and good processability. As well as high recyclability, etc., it has gradually been widely used in the automotive industry.

Due to the large-scale use of aluminum alloys in automobile manufacturing to reduce the total mass of automobiles, thereby reducing fuel consumption; due to low fuel consumption, lightweight, fewer exhaust emissions from automobiles, and less pollution; the recycling rate of scrap automobiles is high, and aluminum automobile parts Basically all can be recycled; less energy is needed for recycling and regeneration, and aluminum can be recycled multiple times. Therefore, whether it is internationally or domestically, tri axle aluminum tanker trailer will occupy an important stage in the future.


CIMC Tri Axle Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale in Costa Rica

CIMC Tri Axle Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale in Costa Rica


Features of aluminum tanker trailer:

(1) More economical

Low fuel consumption and steady income increase

The European standard aluminum alloy material is selected, and the curb weight is 1.5 tons lighter than ordinary carbon steel tanker. According to a research report by the European Aluminum Association, for every 100 kilograms of light a vehicle, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers can be reduced by 0.6 liters.


(2) Big brand high value preservation

The price of second-hand models in the market is higher than similar competitors. Aluminum tanker trailer has high corrosion resistance, and there is no damage to the tank body when it reaches the mandatory scrap period.


CIMC Tri Axle Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale in Costa Rica

CIMC Tri Axle Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale in Costa Rica


(3) More secure

Using forged aluminum ring, the material strength is about 30% higher than that of cast aluminum ring, improving safety.

Equipped with double safety valves, double insurance is more assured, and the pressure control in the tank is safer.

The aluminum fuel tanker trailer tank-top walkway platform that meets the international standards, and the fully enclosed fence, ensure the safety of the operating personnel regardless of night work, rain, snow, and wetness.


(4) More stable

The core accessories are all selected global leading brands, and the tank body and core components are guaranteed for three years.

Mature and stable manufacturing process system, using industry-leading laser cutting technology, TIG automatic welding technology, 100% reliable quality, stable performance, and improve the product life cycle attendance rate.