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CIMC Tri Axle Palm Oil Tanker Trailer will be sent to Ghana

March 10, 2022

CIMC Tri Axle Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In GhanaCIMC Tri Axle Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In Ghana

It is widely acknowledged that palm oil tanker trailer plays an essential role in our daily life. Different types of goods can be transported by our semi trailers into various things that we can often see in our lives. Meanwhile, as a professional palm oil tanker trailer manufacturer, What we want to say is that thank all the customers for their trust. Today, we want to share a story about Ghana customers.

Because customers are very familiar with semi-trailers. They were particularly interested in our 3 axle oil tanker trailer. He planned to buy several semi trailer. Therefore, they asked us a lot of questions about this kind of semi trailer and our sales manager answered these questions patiently. After their careful observation and our explanation, they were very satisfied with this kind of palm oil tanker trailer. Thanks for our customers feedback.

CIMC Tri Axle Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In GhanaCIMC Tri Axle Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In Ghana

Of course, it is the quality of CIMC that attracts him. All CIMC palm oil tanker trailers will undergo pressure testing and metal flaw detection after the end of production to ensure that the tanks are well sealed.

1. The tires used by palm oil tanker trailers have been in cooperation with the company for more than 12 years. The quality is stable, 200,000 kilometers can be used in China, and there is no problem after two years of use.

2. Oil tanker trailers tank body uses the most advanced welding technology. Through single-sided welding and double-sided forming welding, the welding seam is stronger and smoother, there is no welding defect, and there is absolutely no welding phenomenon. The tank can be used for more than ten years. The tank body uses longitudinal welding technology to reduce the number of tank body welds and increase the overall strength of the tank body by more than 20%.

3. CIMC tank cover uses the European standard explosion-proof cover with a built-in breathing valve.

4. Before painting, the whole vehicle is sprayed with sand many times to remove rust, spray anti-rust paint, spray primer, spray top paint, and spray three layers of paint. The paint can be used for five years.

5. The tank body has sufficient strength. There are anti-shock plates inside the diesel tank trailer. There are manholes and liquid discharge valves in the tank accessories. One of CIMC palm oil tanker trailers can transport two kinds of palm oil, it can be divided into tanks. Common tank material is carbon steel Q345, thickness is 4mm-6mm national standard steel plate.

CIMC Tri Axle Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In GhanaCIMC Tri Axle Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In Ghana

The following is production machinery and the advantage of the palm Palm Oil tanker trailer.

1. Tank production line:

Tank laser welding robots keep the high welding precision, intelligent acquisition welding seams, unmanned operation by tracking the seams.

This production line adopts the most advanced international high-end double pulse TIG Flat Butt Welding Machine, Tank Rolling Machine, Automatic Tig Welding Machine Tanks machines, etc, which fully realizes auto welding for plates and baffles plates, forming tank body at only one time by tank rolling machine.

2. Automatic Base plate welding machine:

CIMC adopt an Automatic Base plate welding machine. It can automatically track to weld the edges of the base plate. The high welding seams will improve the service life of the heavy palm oil Tank Semi Trailers when loading the cargo on the bottom floor.

3. Professional Engineer

After each customer places an order, we have professional engineers to construct drawings according to customer requirements to ensure accurate manufacturing.

CIMC Tri Axle Palm Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In GhanaCIMC Tri Axle Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In Ghana

This kind of semi trailer was designed with lots of advantages and features. If you want to get more information, please don't hesitate to make contact with us.