Container Loading Method

- Aug 25, 2017 -

Selection and inspection of containers Before container loading, the container should be selected according to the type of cargo, the packaging, the nature and the transport requirements of the container. The selected container should meet the following basic conditions: ① meet the ISO standard; ② four columns, six sides, octagonal intact; ③ box of the welding parts firm; ④ box clean, dry, tasteless, dusty; ⑤ no water leakage; Have a qualified inspection certificate.

1. The choice of containers In the selection of containers, the use of what kind of specifications is appropriate, should be based on the situation of goods and routes on the port conditions and transport routes to determine the environment.

When selecting containers, the main consideration is based on the different types of goods, nature, shape, packaging, volume, weight, and transport requirements to use its appropriate box. The first thing to consider is whether the goods are loaded, and then again consider whether the economy is reasonable, but also consider the goods with the required transport conditions are in line.


2. Use of gaskets and cushioning materials

Use clean and dry liners, plywood, mats, etc. as cushioning material and separation material. When loading heavy cargo, the bottom of the box should be laid wood and other cushion material, should pay attention to not use wet wood, to prevent wet damage, mold, fouling and other cargo damage accident. For easy packing and packing is not strong to use the liner or insert the plywood, to prevent the movement of goods, to avoid cargo damage. In order to fill the gap between the cargo and between the cargo and the side wall of the container, additional cushioning material should be added to avoid abrasion, moisture, and fouling.


The fixation of the goods in the container

In order to make the goods in the process of transport does not produce in the box, to avoid the devanning at the destination when the box near the goods collapsed, the goods should be fixed inside the box. Fixed methods are usually the following:

(1) support: with square wood, wood as a pillar, so that the goods fixed;

(2) plug: can be used square wood and other pillars of goods or between the cargo and the container side of the horizontal direction to be fixed. Or insert the stuffing, cushion, wedge, etc. to prevent the movement of goods;

(3) Bundling system: with a rope, tape or network and other rigging with the container ring, hole and other accessories to tighten the goods.

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