Driving Requirements For Bulk Cement Trailer

- Oct 16, 2017 -

1. When driving the bulk cement trailer, do not overspeed, overpressure operation, overspeed, overpressure can seriously damage the air compressor.

2. Do not start or stop the air compressor quickly, but slow growth or deceleration, otherwise, the pressure will damage the air compressor.

3. Do not change the rotation direction of the air compressor. Otherwise, the oil pump does not fuel the machine seriously.

4. Do not stop the air compressor before decompression, otherwise, the powder material may flow into the cylinder, causing serious damage to the air compressor.

5. Check the oil marks before starting the machine.The oil level shall not be lower than that of the oil standard;Always check whether the oil pump is oil supply, if not oil, should stop immediately check, otherwise, lack of oil can seriously damage the air compressor.

6. Replace the lubricating oil on time.30 hours after the new machine is used, remove oil from crankcase, clean crankcase and filter oil net, then change oil.After that, change the oil once a year.

7. Check and clean the filter oil network.The normal condition is checked every quarter, clean once, if machine usage rate is high, should check once a month, clean once.

8. The oil used in this machine is CD40 wood oil.It is forbidden to mix the lubricating oil of different brand names, or the oil deterioration will affect the lubrication effect.

9. Clean air filter core for 30 hours per work.When rotating the filter element, the pressure is less than 0.6mpa and the compressed air is blown out from the inside.After five maintenance, please replace the new filter.Do not clean the filter with oil or water.


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