Euro Standards Fuel Tanker

- Jul 14, 2017 -

CIMC VEHICLES is the top professional fuel tanker manufacturer in China. Especially for the aluminum fuel tanker . It has acquired ARD certificate. So that, it owns the recognization from Saudi Arabia customer .  After serious checking, finally the customers choose CIMC VEHICLES as their long-term supplier . 

cimc fuel tanker trailer05.jpg

CIMC VEHICLES owns the most advanced aluminum fuel tanker producing line . 

cimc fuel tanker trailer02.jpg

we pay attention on each details  

cimc fuel tanker trailer01.jpg

The finished fuel tanker made for Saudi Arabia market 

cimc fuel tanker trailer04.jpg

The tanker body material mode is 5454. Its main feature is high bright like a mirror . Its tare weight is around 3.5 tons ligther than the same scale carbon steel fuel tanker . 

cimc fuel tanker trailer03.jpg

After the inspection , the customer speak highly of our fuel tanker . 

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