Flat Trailer Safety Operating Procedures:

- May 21, 2017 -

1, flat trailers must comply with the "car safety operating procedures."

2, before leaving the car should check the brake parts, the plate on the rear lights and brake lights, tires, steel, towing devices and safety nets.

3, loading and unloading plate trailer, the flat trailer to be parked in a flat, hard ground. The driver should be strictly checked up and down the springboard, the road is a solid wood, and the trailer tires with a triangular plug, the load is large, you must set up a springboard frame mat, and then loading and unloading.

4, when loading, must be commanded by hand, heavy objects should be placed in the appropriate position, so that the main beam and tire force balance, and the heavy banding strong, can drive.

5, loading, prohibit heavy objects on the springboard to turn.

6, in the high-voltage line below, are not allowed to loading and unloading operations.

7, the delivery of high objects, you must have someone to take care of, slow driving, if the touch wire may be, should inform the trailer driver immediately stop, take measures, and then through.

8, the shipment of long ultra-high objects, the day should be in the rear of the object and the top of the red flag hanging at night to switch to red light.

9, flatbed car before the road should be observed to identify the road, bridges, dams, drains and other buildings after the load, and then through, if necessary, should be reinforced.

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