Flat Trailer Structural Performance:

- May 21, 2017 -

1, flatbed trailer double spring buffer traction mechanism, in the vehicle started or the brakes have a buffer to avoid damage to the goods

2, flat trailer steering mechanism for the rotary assembly (excavator hook arm rotary assembly) ten years do not worry about damage.

3, flat trailer traction cage can be adjusted up and down fixed, different tonnage of the tractor or forklift traction only a simple adjustment can be

4, flat trailer suspension frame, compared with the traditional hard-wired (welding), to reduce the long-term stress damage, longer life.

5, flat plate trailer axle automatic swing adjustment, convex and concave ground to ensure that the level of the board and the tire force balance.

6, flat trailer front and rear wheels can be optional spring steel shock absorbers, reduce the bumps on the damage to the goods

7, flat trailers using domestic engineering vehicles are more recognized brand engineering solid tires, high elasticity, wear resistance,

8, flat trailer 180 degree turntable, the minimum turning radius (180 degrees in situ turn)

9, flatbed trailer configuration universal joint, flexible operation.

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