How To Buy A Rollover Dump Truck

- May 21, 2017 -

Has always been for everyone to introduce some of the maintenance information for everyone to talk about the purchase of rollover dump truck when we should pay attention to what point? To this end we plant technical staff sorted out about the purchase of rollover dumping semi-trailer the attention of some of the points.

● the number of hydraulic pressure to see the size of the tonnage stent to be strong

Hydraulic roof is an important part of the rollover, according to the different tonnage, generally have 110,125,130,150 and several other diameter, generally marked not more than 60 tons with 110 of 5 + 1 (5 lift cylinder, a Shift cylinder) or 130 + 4 + 1; heavy load 80 tons -120 tons generally with 6 + 1 or 7 + 1 of the 150 cylinder. Shift the top generally with 160 or 180 cylinders.

Lift the top

Brand with more of Hayward, the quality and service better, but the price is more expensive. There are other general brand, with a pump power extractor 110 5 + 1 set down close to ten thousand yuan.

Shift top

The hydraulic top bracket carries a large portion of the weight of the cargo when it is lifted, and the firmness of the stent is important. Hydraulic top and sub-frame, the connection of the shaft to protect, or easy to bend.

● The more reliable fulcrum reinforcement is more reliable

Bracing, in the rollover, the vast majority of the weight of the goods are supported by the bracing, so the degree of firmness of the bracing is very important, bracing once the problem is likely to cause a rollover accident, so the reinforcement of the bracing is very important.

The number of bracing to be reasonable, of course, the more the better, the more sideways diagonal brace, each fulcrum to bear the smaller the force, the higher the reliability, generally 13 meters rollover 5 fulcrum, 15 m 6 One.

The brackets at the top of the rotation of the bracket should also pay attention to, when the rollover to withdraw the pin, if the design here is unreasonable, a little bit bent on easy to draw out, the trouble affecting the discharge.

● When the roll is uneven, the load of the beam is higher

The importance of the beam to a trailer is self-evident, for the side of the dump truck semi-trailer generally more than the same weight of the van's beam to choose a larger size.

One reason is to turn the trailer of the beam, in the flat road, there are sub-frame, beam force and ordinary van, but in the rollover when the beam force uneven, inclined girder side of the stringer force, Requirements are higher than ordinary cars. Second, the rollover dump truck semi-trailer goods are generally steel, stones, coal and other heavy goods, but also the load on the beam requirements are higher.

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