How To Prolong The Service Life Of The Tires

- Jan 19, 2018 -

How to prolong the service life of the tires and save the expenses is a common concern of the semi trailer drivers. There is not much overloading now, but the abnormal wear and tear of the tires will reduce the tire life. The tires on the semitrailer are required to be positioned


The trailer tire abnormal wear for many reasons

As the trailer tire does not turn, it does not drive, only carrying the co - energy. So the cause of the abnormal wear of the trailer tire is simple. During the manufacturing process, the parallel symmetry of the frame, the distortion rate of the frame, the corresponding installation of the suspension, whether the axle is qualified and installed correctly, whether the commissioning is qualified or not may cause the cause of the tire eating.

Pay attention to the maintenance of the tires and regularly carry out the transposition of the tires regularly, which can make the tire wear more evenly and effectively prolong the life of the tires. Air inflation is not one of the main reasons for abnormal wear of tire, but low air pressure, tire bending to the inside, severe wear of the tire edge, high air pressure and rapid wear in the middle of tire.

 Trailer tire axle positioning and correction

If the above normal conditions are noticed, the trailer tyre is still abnormally worn, so it is necessary to make the positioning of the trailer tires and the correction of the axle.

Pay attention to the positioning of the trailer tire, can reduce abnormal wear and tear, can also reduce oil consumption and tire fever.

The positioning device on the wheel and the reflector plate in front of the car measure the parallelism of each axle and the perpendicularity of the direction, and then adjust according to the needs.

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