How To Rust For The Suction Truck Vacuum Pump

- May 21, 2017 -

If the suction tank vacuum pump is not used for a long time, then use the pump when the water should be put clean, be sure to keep dry, if the pump chamber inside or not dry state, a long time the pump will rust, if not Timely treatment, will not open the pump. How should these rusts be removed?

In the use of suction truck vacuum pump process, if there have been rust, you need artificial rust. This method is more insurance, but also the most cost, you can use their own tools to get rid of, do not use other chemical products. If there is a double suction pump inside, with a chemical rust remover to rust, then there may be some damage.

If you need to use rust agent, you need to suck the vacuum pump pump chamber, place a period of time, and then the water out there, then use the water repeatedly washed, this rust is very clean but easy to damage the pump cavity.

If you have mastered the suction truck vacuum pump rust technology, I believe in the use of daily, you can easily complete the rust work.

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