How to make it easier to load and unload cargo

- Jan 16, 2018 -

When the trailer is loading and unloading the cargo or entering the unloading point, it is often easy to have a small accident because it can not see the rear of the trailer. In response to this problem, Schmitz developed an intelligent camera system.     

Installation Of Smart Cameras At The Tail Of A Trailer ,It Is Easier For A Trailer To Load And Unload The Goods

The camera is installed in the rear of the trailer. When the cargo is unloaded, the driver only needs to sit in the cab to unload the goods easily and safely. The image can be transmitted to the driver's mobile phone in real time. The whole system is made up of two cameras. One is the reverse camera, which is used to photograph the road behind the car, to see if there are any obstacles around it, and the other is used to photograph trailer body, so that the driver can see the trailer at any time.

cement trailer.jpg

Different from the camera system companies also need to add the display in the cab, also need wire connected to the display screen, Schmitz intelligent camera system do not need to complete the connection, only need to install a mobile phone software, we can use wireless technology Schmitz, the camera system and your mobile phone together, all the image on your mobile phone can see.


Conveniently, the system is mounted on a trailer and does not need to install any additional accessories on the tractor. Generally, the service life of the system is longer than the car, so the system can be used after the change. Many logistics enterprises will often be separated from the car, that is to say, this system is very practical for many logistics enterprises.


And CIMC VEHICLE can install this intelligent camera system for you !

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